The Best Roof Coating to Meet Title 24, Cool Roof Requirements in Southern CA

Cool Roof Coatings Decrease Energy Consumption and Increase Roof Life in Southern California

Cool Roof Title 24 CoatingsCalifornia Title 24 legislation requires that commercial building owners, and many residential and multi-unit housing developments, have state-certified reflective coatings, commonly known as “cool roof” coatings to make them more energy efficient. During the summer, a typical dark roof is 150 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit at peak times of the day, while cool roofs peak at 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

In California, where the sun shines brightly all year round – businesses can get control of their sky rocketing air conditioning costs by meeting the Title 24 Cool Roof requirements.  Businesses will also benefit from lower roof maintenance costs, increased roof life and a more comfortable environment for your buildings occupants.

There are a variety of products available that meet Title 24 requirements. So how do you know which is the best solution for your commercial roof?

Below are some answers to commonly asked questions about Cool Roof Coatings.

What is a Cool Roof?

Cool roofs utilize highly reflective and emissive materials that keep roofs 50 to 70 degrees F cooler in the summer sun, which reduces energy costs, as well as, reduces urban heat islands and the associated smog. Cool Roofs also make the building interior more comfortable, reduce maintenance costs, and increase the life of the roof. To see all of the Title 24 requirements visit

What Kinds of Products Are Used for Cool Roofs?

Products for flat or low-slope roofs, found on most commercial and industrial buildings, fall into two main categories – Single-Ply Materials and Roof Coatings. Single-ply materials are large sheets of pre-made roofing material that are mechanically fastened over the existing roof and sealed at the seams.

Cool Roof Coatings are typically applied using rollers, sprays, or brushes, over an existing clean, leak-free roof surface. Reflective coatings keep the roof cooler by the use of special pigments that reflect the sun’s infrared heat. Read more about whether your roof needs to comply with Title 24.

What Is The Best Title 24 Roof Coating?

There are roof coatings available from many manufacturers, but Sully-Jones Roofing found most of them to be too expensive and difficult to apply and suseptible to peeling in areas where water ponds. Extensive field testing, observation and laboratory experimentation have shown that the best reflective coating is one that is applied in a manner that guarantees a uniform surface finish. So after it’s own extensive research and testing, Sully-Jones Roofing introduced the SJ-T24® white reflective coating. It is a product that has been tested and certified by the Cool Roof Rating Council, reduces energy consumption by as much as 25% and can increase roof life up to 100%.  The SJ-T24® is also fire-rated and is environmentally friendly.

Most Effective and Least Expensive White Roof Coating - SJ-T24® is a cementitious, “bright white” roof coating containing a formula of white cement, titanium, silica and resin binders. SJ-T24® is the most effective and least expensive white roof coating in America today. When you consider the cost of a new roof, it is wise to take all measures to protect the roof you have and extend its lifetime. Plus, SJ-T24 Roof Coating is a deductible maintenance expense.

Most importantly, SJ-T24 Roof Coating can be applied for up to 40% less cost than other Title 24 approved coatings.  

Application Process Guarantees Best Results- SJ-T24® is spray-applied over new or existing roof systems, including built-up, cap sheet, gravel and other typical commercial roof types. SJ-T24 is white in color and is self-washing, thus staying whiter and more reflective than other systems.

Prior to application of the SJ-T24® Roof Coating, your entire roof is inspected for weak spots and necessary repairs made. Next, mineral surfaced roofs are thoroughly washed with high pressure equipment. Loose gravel is removed from gravel roofs prior to the coating application. When all roof preparation is completed, SJ-T24 is spray applied over the roof surface. It is also recommended that all roof-mounted air conditioning units and ducts receive 2 coats of SJ-T24® white acrylic finish in order to reduce the loss of cool air by the radiant heat through the system.

A Lifetime Roof – Commercial roofs don’t wear out, they burn out.  Hot summer sun causes roof temperatures to soar 45% – up to 65% hotter than the air temperature. As a result, roofing membranes dry out and become brittle, eventually cracking and splitting. By reflecting up to 90% of the sun’s harmful rays, SJ-T24® protects roofing systems and structural membranes in order to avoid damaging expansion and contraction problems. Application of the SJ-T24® roof coating can extend the life of existing roofs by decades.   When used in conjunction with Sully-Jones’ exclusive Polara® polyester membrane roofing system, the resulting roof can receive a lifetime warranty from Sully-Jones Roofing. Now you can roof your building once and never re-roof again. As long as the roof coating is maintained, a Polara® roof can last indefinitely.

Get More Years From Your Existing RoofThe Sully-Jones Roof Life Extension Program is a cost-effective alternative to re-roofing. If re-roofing is not an option at this time, it is possible to postpone this expense for a period of time. Under the Sully-Jones Roof Life Extension Program, we can repair and extend the life of your roof for a fraction of the cost of a new roof. The program is available for as little as 60 cents per square foot depending on the type and condition of your roof.

Sully-Jones Roofing will inspect, clean, repair and seal your existing roof. We will then apply our patented SJ-T24® protective coating resulting in a leak-free roof that will last until re-roofing can be accomplished. Interested in knowing more about the Sully-Jones Roof Life Extension Program? Contact Us Now.

Are rebates available for cool roofs?

In addition to energy and life cycle savings, rebates are available from some local utility companies for cool roofing in California. For more information on cool roof rebates, visit the Flex Your Power website at:

For more information about Sully-Jones’ SJ-T24 coating and how we can help you meet Title 24 requirements, please contact Sully-Jones Roofing.


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    I am from karachi Pakistan. Its very very hot during summer temp between 45 centigrade to 50 centigrade. I have seen your spray Sully-jones Sj-T24 coating on NET. Can I spray on white oil painted roof? From where and How I can get in my country? How much quantity is required for my roof measuring 2000 sq ft area.How to mix with polara polyester membrame ? You are requested to guide me? Cost, Quantity of both material and its application on roof. Thanks

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