How Commercial Roof Maintenance Pays Off

Commercial Roof Maintenance San Diego

It is not uncommon for property managers and owners to defer roof maintenance until there is a problem. This is especially true here, in sunny San Diego, CA. Even without the severe weather experienced in other parts of the country, this “out of sight, out of mind” attitude toward roofing systems can cost thousands of dollars for San Diego commercial building owners and property management companies – and is simply poor asset management. Your commercial roof may represent as little as 10% of your building’s total cost but could be 90% of your problems if not properly maintained.

Your Commercial Roof is a Fixed Asset

HVAC and Plenum Joint RepairYour commercial roof is a valuable asset that protects your building, its occupants and its contents such as merchandise and expensive computer or specialty equipment. Small problems that are not quickly repaired can result in big problems and even bigger costs down the road.

The Single Biggest Reason for Premature Roof Deterioration

Not having a commercial roof maintenance program is the top reason that roofs deteriorate before they should, often leading to leaks that cause major damage to the building and its contents.

Too many San Diego owners and property managers have experienced the pain and costs associated with deteriorating roofs resulting from exposure to sun, water, severe weather and other sources of leaks. Built up debris on the roof and improper drainage can cause ponding water and damage to the membrane of your roof and the insulation below it.  Loose or damaged fittings around HVAC and other equipment on your low-slope or flat roof will allow water to seep into the roof system. Even very small holes or punctures, often caused by personnel on the roof other than your roofing contractor, can allow a large amount of water in to damage the structure.

When water starts entering your commercial buildings, hard assets and corporate profits take a hit. When you compare the costs of major repairs or roof replacement to annual maintenance, it just makes sense that the longer you can extend the life of your current roof, the more your overall savings will increase. A proactive commercial roof maintenance program makes perfect fiscal sense.

Premature Roof Failure Costs Add Up

Estimated Roofing Costs (will vary depending on roof type, materials, installation, etc.)

New Construction Roof $2.00 – $3.00 per square foot
Tear Off and Install a New Roof $3.50 – $4.50 per square foot
Wood Deck Replacement $1.50 per square foot
Steel Deck Replacement $3.50 per square foot
Recover Over an Old Roof $2.50 – $3.50 per square foot

Even before your roof needs replacement, emergency leak repair can average about $750 per occurrence. The older your roof, the more you can expect to have roof leaks. Your costs may be negligible in the first 5 years but quickly add up in later years when a roof is not properly maintained. Should the worst happen and major leaks damage the insulation and decking, the replacement cost could double.

Add on Costs for Wasted Energy

A leak that affects even just a small area can have significant effects on your energy bills. Since wet insulation does not perform well, energy expended to heat or cool your building will be compromised. Consider what effect several hundred or a thousand square feet of un-insulated roof area would have on your monthly energy bill? We will address potential energy savings with a “Cool Roof” coatings and maintenance in a future blog post.

Structural Damage Can Be a Safety Issue

Water absorbed into insulation can add significant weight gain and corrosion of structural components can become a safety issue.

Consider the ALL of the Costs

To fully understand the benefits of a roof maintenance program, consider all of the costs associated with significant damage to your commercial roof:

  • Costs of water damage cleanup
  • Damage to merchandise and inventory
  • Damage to building interiors, including furnishings & fixtures
  • Damage to equipment such as computers, electrical, specialty equipment
  • Costs from interruption to your business and lost use of space
  • Impact on building occupants exposure to air quality, mold, etc.
  • Costs of legal claims for slip & fall accidents
  • Costs of energy loss through wet and damp roof insulation
  • Higher insurance premiums due to more frequent claims arising from water damage
  • Costs of premature roof replacement

The industry average costs for a roof maintenance program is approximately 0.03 per sq. ft. per year compared to 0.15 per sq. ft. per year for roofs without a maintenance program.

Sully-Jones Roofing offers comprehensive and affordable Commercial Roof Cleaning and Maintenance Programs throughout San Diego County.  




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