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What Does a New Roof Cost?

This is the number one question we get asked by customers. It is also a loaded one. We understand that customers are anxious to get right to the bottom line but there are many factors that will determine the cost of your new roof.

Before we can give you a quote, Sully-Jones Roofing does a complete roof inspection, taking into consideration the condition of the existing roof, flashings, drains, gutters, solar panels, skylights and underlying deck. Once we can assess the current state of the roof, we can help you determine whether it makes sense to repair, re-cover or whether a complete roof replacement is required.


New Roof Cost Factors

Preparation – A professional roofing company will remove the existing shingles, tiles or flat roofing materials to further assess the condition of the plywood, flashing, drains, gutters, roof penetrations such as skylights and seals. Once removed, the roofing company will properly dispose of all debris. New roof preparation is normally estimated by the square foot.

The Materials – Like any remodeling project, there are a wide variety of materials, all at a wide variety of price points. Not only will the materials you choose be a significant factor, the size of the roof will determine the amount of materials and labor required.

Whether you are choosing a tile roof, a shingle roof or have a flat roof, you have options – many, many options. You may think that all tile roofs are approximately the same, but there are numerous variations in style, durability and cost. See our Tile Roofs page to see just a sample of the styles available to you. Shingle roofs present an even greater variety of styles, colors, and quality levels – see the Shingle Roofs page to see just some samples of your choices. And you may be surprised by the array of offerings for Flat Roofs. Sully-Jones installs all major brands and types of roof materials. Our experts can help to guide you through the wide variety of choices to find the perfect fit for you home and your budget.

The Bottom Line

While we can’t give you an exact cost until we have inspected the condition of your roof, you have selected the roofing materials and we have calculated the square footage, we can give you a broad range based on the type of roof you may need. Below are some ranges – though we have installed roofs in these categories that have come in above or below these ranges based on a variety of factors.

Sully-Jones Roofing offers free inspections. With over 60 years serving San Diego homeowners, Sully-Jones Roofing has earned its’ reputation for honest estimates and fair prices. Get a FREE INSPECTION & ESTIMATE.

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