Flat roof covering works with roofing felt

What commercial building owners and property managers need to know about their insurance policies before sending their maintenance personnel on the roof for repairs!

It is a little known fact that workman’s compensation insurance coverage for roofing contractors is one of the highest premiums available. Many insurance companies will insist that anyone that goes on the roof is to be listed in the “roofer” category and subject to the highest premiums. Even routine maintenance on your roof can raise your insurance premiums if performed by your regular building maintenance personnel.

Professional roofing contractors are covered by their own insurance, so it only makes sense to hire a professional roofing contractor to perform routine maintenance and repairs.

It is common for leaves and debris to accumulate on your commercial flat roof, in your rain gutters, drains and downspouts. The debris restricts the flow of water causing ponding water to accumulate on your roof. In addition, the sun can dry out roofing sealant that is used around roof penetrations such as AC ducts and skylights. A professional roofing company will be able to identify problems before they become costly to repair.

A properly maintained roof can last as much as 30% longer than a roof that is neglected or improperly repaired.

Sully-Jones Roof Maintenance Programs help to reduce roofing costs by maximizing the life of your existing roof, avoid unnecessary costs due to roof leaks, maximize energy efficiencies and maintain your roofs appearance.

Sully-Jones Roofing Company offers comprehensive, low-cost, maintenance programs. We will customize your roof maintenance program to meet the needs of both your roof and your budget.

Roof Maintenance Programs Include:

  • Free inspections and detailed estimates on repairs.
  • Preventative roof maintenance including periodical inspections that include touching up critical areas that have deteriorated from exposure to the sun
  • Clean trash, leaves and debris from the roof, rain gutters and drains
  • Level ponding water areas
  • Re-slope roof where needed
  • Apply roof coating to extend roof life, approve appearance and reduce energy costs
  • Sealing around AC duct joints
  • Filter door re-design and fabrication.
  • Skylight repair and replacement.
  • Tie-ins for tenant and owner improvements.
  • Drain installation.

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  1. Great information. Thanks so much for sharing. As a former resident of Washington state, I’ve seen firsthand the dangers of trees and weather on rooftops. Heavy branches and hundreds of pounds of pine needles can put a real strain on businesses and homes alike. Keep your roof looked after or when crisis strikes, it might be too late to do anything about it.

  2. Back in my first college apartments, there were a couple roof leak problems. They didn’t maintain the roofs very well and they were older apartments. I like what was said about maintained roofs lasting 30% longer. That’s a pretty good percentage! When I moved into some higher end apartments, I could tell they kept up with the roofs better and we didn’t have any problems.

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