Technical Innovations

Innovations in Commercial RoofingInvesting In Our Business To Improve Your’s

Sully-Jones is always finding innovative ways to improve the roofing process, increase the longevity of our roofs and reduce costs for our customers. Over the years, Sully-Jones made major investments in equipment and materials to bring new, state-of-the-art, roofing technology to San Diego.  Some examples include:

  • High tech spray rig that applies Polara Shield ceramic granule roof surfacing to resurface roofs.
  • Storage silo for bulk storage of 3-M ceramic granules to keep costs down for our customers.
  • Crane for more flexibility to load our own materials on high buildings.
  • Exclusive applicator of Polara® Polyester roof reinforcement membranes.
  • Exclusive applicator of Polara®  Shield ceramic granule roof surfacing.
  • Development of SJ-Roof Leveler compound to level out ponding areas on flat roofs.
  • Designing and installing tapered roof systems for extreme cases of extensive ponding.
Title 24 Roof by Sully-Jones Escondido, CA

Polara Roof at the Civic Center Plaza, Escondido, CA


Sully-Jones installed approximately three acres of new Polara® polyester membrane roofing on four main buildings at the commercial property. The new roof was also finished with Sully-Jones’ energy-saving coating technology in accordance with the California state-mandated Title 24.