HVAC Duct & Plenum Joint Sealing

Seal HVAC Plenum Joints | San Diego Roofing

Often overlooked sources of water leakage into interior spaces are the sheet metal seams of AC ducts and plenums. Due to the overwhelming number of leaks originating from improperly designed filter doors and improperly sealed AC duct joints, Sully-Jones established a duct joint sealing service.

Sully Jones is the expert in locating, sealing and repairing leaking AC ducts and plenum joints.

Mechanical contractors typically use a newer, cheaper and easier way to seal HVAC duct joints which is to apply elastomeric sealants which typically last 6 months to 2 years. It’s easy to understand why they adopted this approach since all of their competitors are using the same inexpensive and less effective products.

Unlike these contractors, Sully-Jones uses the older and more reliable method of sealing with lagging adhesive, reinforced with cotton fabric (lagging tape). Properly sealed duct joints should last a minimum of 8-10 years.

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