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Roof Cleanings and Inspections 
Annual roof cleaning and inspections are among the most important services offered by Sully-Jones Roofing. A properly maintained roof can last up to 20 years. But when not maintained, your roof could fail in less than half that time. Leaves and debris accumulate on a roof and plugs up drains and rain gutters. When drainage is restricted, water can build up and enter your home under the flashing’s. By performing annual cleanings and inspections, you will extend the life of your roof and save money in the long run.

Sully-Jones Roofing removes leaves, debris, trash, and items left or thrown on the roofs by others.

We also become your eyes, identifying and documenting any improper penetrations or changes to the roof that may cause leaks or damage in the future.  Our clients have found this service to be invaluable.

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