Roofing Tips

Check This Space for Answers to Some of the Top Questions Often Asked by Our Customers. 

With over 60 years in the commercial and residential roofing business, we have heard just about every question there is about roofing.  We will regularly update this page to answer your most common and pressing questions.

Question #1. Can I recover my roof or do I need to tear it off and replace?

Re-roof San Diego, CAWhen you are planning to re-roof your home, there are two options for both low slope and steep slope roofs. You can either recover over the existing roof or remove the existing membrane and insulation to get down to the roof deck.

Reroofing over your existing roof saves the cost, trouble, and risks, such as water damage while the roof is exposed, that can happen when your old roof is taken off. If your roof is structurally sound, most building codes allow for two layers of asphalt shingles and some allow for a third on roofs with a 5:12 or steeper pitch. It is safe to re-roof over your existing roof when the original shingles are not too badly curled and the sheathing is sound.  Read more…

Question #2. How can I cost effectively deal with ponding water on my flat or low slope roof?

Ponding Water | San Diego Roofing

Excessive water that accumulates on the low-lying parts of a low slope or flat roof is referred to as “Ponding Water.”   Many customers think that weather is the cause of ponding water on their roofs but we have found that ponding water may also result from other water sources such as leaking cooler lines and pans, AC-condensate and similar sources. Read more…