Benefits of a White TPO Cool Roof

TPO Roofing System

If you have been considering a cool roof for your Commercial Building Roofs you have probably come across the term “TPO” which is the acronym for Thermoplastic Polyolefin. Introduced in the early 1990’s, TPO offered solutions for property owners and facility managers that were experiencing increased energy costs. In 2001, TPO represented just 10% of the commercial roofing market. Today, TPO is one of the most popular roofing systems for reducing energy costs, especially in warm climates. White or light colored thermoplastic roof membranes provide exceptional tensile strength with a high level of puncture resistance and offer superior solar reflectivity. Since it offers both energy efficiency and low maintenance benefits, white TPO is one of the most durable and cost-effective solutions for both new commercial roofs and commercial re-roofing projects.

Go Green

It just makes sense that when your commercial roof is cooler, the interior of your building remains cooler. A white TPO roof reflects the sun’s harsh rays instead of absorbing them, as is the case with a tar or other dark roof. You will spend less money maintaining consistent temperatures inside your buildings during hot months. White TPO meets and often exceeds the U.S. Environmental Agency’s ENERGY STAR specifications and California’s Title 24 requirements. A TPO roof is also 100% recyclable and can help you meet LEED point objectives.

 Size Matters

Wide-width TPO membrane provides a cleaner and smoother roof surface than many other types of commercial roofing systems. The smooth surface makes it more efficient at resisting dirt and debris build-up and the wider membranes can reduce installation time. TPO roofing systems can be mechanically attached or fully adhered. Heat welding a TPO roofing system will create an impermeable surface for better seam strength, leak barrier and wind uplift resistance.

 Stick With Thick

TPO Thermoplastic membrane is available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 45mil. to 80mil. Your upfront costs will be a little higher for a thicker membrane but can save you money in the long run with less damage repair and improved energy savings. A thicker TPO membrane layer provides a strong, dense shield that blocks nearly all UV rays and is more resistant to damage.

 Hire a Commercial Roofing Expert

Improper welding is a common cause of Thermoplastic polyolefin membrane failure so it is essential that you choose a professional commercial roofing contractor with experience installing TPO roofing systems. Qualified contractors will hold certifications from the major TPO manufacturers, letting you know that these are contractors you can trust for quality installation. Great commercial roofing contractors will also provide warranties on their workmanship. Sully-Jones Roofing is San Diego’s Flat Roof Expert and is experienced in installing all major brands of TPO roofing systems. Sully-Jones  is San Diego’s flat roofing expert.  Contact us to find out if TPO is the right commercial roofing system for your properties.

Does My Roof Need To Comply With Title 24 Cool Roofs?

Find out whether you need to comply with Title 24 Cool Roof Requirements and how complying with Title 24 can reduce your energy costs.

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California adopted a new energy efficiency policy in 1978 when the state determined that the current building standards fell short of preventing global warming and still allowed for a great deal of wasted energy. Since that time, Part 6 of the California Code of Regulations (more commonly referred to as Title 24) has been reviewed every three years to outline the minimum standards for energy efficient roofs. If you have a residential or commercial building in San Diego, you need to be aware of the Title 24 regulations and stay up to code. Among the aspects of energy efficient roofs reviewed by Title 24 is how well a building remains cool, therefore needing less air conditioning. Many businesses in San Diego can meet this part of Title 24 compliance by applying a protective coating to their rooftops.

Who Needs to Comply in With Title 24 in San Diego?

Any building in San Diego that has been built or altered since 1978 needs to comply with the Title 24 regulations set forth by the state of California. The level of protection that your roof requires will depend on the heat zone that your building is located in. Even though you may not experience hot temperatures all year round in San Diego, particularly if you are located near the coast, your commercial roof is not immune from damage and temperature increases caused by the suns burning rays. An official inspection can help you figure out the heat zone that applies to you, but you should assume that as a San Diego business owner, you will need to take at least some measures to successfully meet the Title 24 minimum requirements. Be sure to consult with a San Diego commercial roofing company that is expert in Title 24 Cool Roofs.

The Advantages of Title 24 Compliance

The chief purpose of Title 24 is to conserve energy by limiting excess heat and air conditioning, which wastes electricity as well as money. Not only will compliance with Title 24 regulations keep you out of hot water with the government, but you can also save on utility costs and have a generally stronger roof surface on your building. When you are compliant with Title 24 your roof will better reflect away the sun’s rays instead of absorbing it and causing the temperature to increase inside your building. By investing in a roof treatment that brings you into compliance, you can substantially decrease your energy bills, limit the possibility of water damage from rain and also keep the wind from penetrating your rooftop. With a Title 24 compliant coating,  such as the SJ – T24 Coating from Sully-Jones Roofing, the lifespan of your rooftop will be extended by many years.

How to Become Compliant

Simply adding a cool roof system spray, such as Sully-Jones SJ-T24 Cool Roof System, to your rooftop will bring you into Title 24 compliance. In many cases, the entire process can be completed very quickly and you will see very little disturbance to your daily business. The roof coating is sprayed onto your building by professionals and dries very swiftly. A protective cool roof coating may be applied to and be equally effective on a variety of roofing surfaces, including built-up, cap sheet, and gravel. The white color of a roofing coat will reflect the sun’s rays away from your building, unlike a black or gray roof material that absorbs the light and creates heat. The self-washing roof coating will remain intact for many years without need for maintenance.

If you are a business owner in San Diego, or own commercial real estate, you are obligated to stay on top of your building’s compliance with Title 24. Protect your building from the sun, rain, and wind in one easy step by adding a protective coating for cool roofs.  Contact Sully-Jones for a FREE roof inspection and estimate.

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