2 Major Distinctions Between Soffits and Fascia

In this article, we are going to look at the major distinctions between soffits and fascia. But why exactly are they important to know? The truth is, every part of the roofing system is necessary to make the structure work, each one playing an important role in protecting your home against the ravages of nature. You may not know all of them now, but when it comes to roofing maintenance, having the knowledge about each part of the roof will save you a lot of roof repair expenses.

Distinctions Between Soffits and Fascia1

When you know about the damaged roof materials, you can ask for specific service from your contractor instead of replacing the entire structure. Plus, with enough knowledge about your roofing parts and materials, you can defend yourself from dishonest contractors.

Fascia and soffits, for example, are sometimes confused with one another. But these two roofing parts are actually very different. Here are some of their major differences.

1. Location- Soffits are much easier to spot. These materials are additional covering to the rafter. It is installed along the edge of the roof adjoining the walls. On the other hand, fascia can be seen at the edge of the rafter. They also block the gutter, water pipes and tiling.

2. Materials- Soffits and fascia also vary in composition. Soffits are usually made of wood, but you can now find stronger alternative options such as aluminum and vinyl, which are now becoming more common among commercial roofing systems.

As for fascia, the material varies depending on the design of the house. Timber fascia such as fir, spruce or pine are usually installed on residential properties. PVC materials are also now being offered by many manufacturers to make fascias more durable and long-lasting.

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