Roofing Warranty – 3 Things That Can Void It

A roofing warranty is great to have, providing homeowners with peace of mind knowing that their roofing contractor stands behind the residential roof replacement. But while warranties are carried out by contractors, homeowners also have their own share of responsibilities to keep their coverage from being voided. It pays then to know what can void your roofing warranty exactly.


roofing warranty

These include:

  1. Incorrect Installation – All roofing systems have to be properly installed according to manufacturer specifications for their warranty coverage to be valid. As such, if you want to make sure that you can take advantage of generous warranty terms from a trusted roofing brand, you also have to make sure that you work only with roofing contractors certified by the brand to install their products.

  1. Poor Maintenance – Warranties take care of problems that arise after a roof is installed. However, this does not include issues arising from poor or non-existent maintenance. If you don’t have roof repair carried out according to manufacturer standards, for instance, you are likely to void your roofing warranty.

  1. Improper Ventilation – Ventilation systems don’t only ensure a home is comfortable but they also play a role in preventing premature wear and tear on roofs. Improper ventilation can cause a roofing system to heat up, with excessive heating degrading a roof faster than the natural aging process. This means a roofing system is not operating under conditions optimal for its function, voiding its warranty.

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