4 Benefits of Commercial Roof Cleaning

Commercial roofs need to be cleaned regularly. Leaving dirt, contaminants and ponding water can cause damage to the roof and can shorten its service life. While it is entirely possible to clean the roof yourself, having professional commercial roof cleaning offers certain benefits. In today’s post, roof repair and installation company Sully-Jones Roofing discusses these benefits.


Commercial Roof Cleaning


1. Thorough cleaning. Professional roof cleaners can easily identify areas that need more attention and have the right tools to make sure that all parts of the roof are thoroughly cleaned. Parts of the roof that will require repairs can also be addressed sooner, which can help avert bigger repair work and help extend the roof’s life span.


2. Improved aesthetics. Most people think of commercial roofing systems as flat, therefore curb appeal is not as important because it’s not visible from the ground. But many commercial roofs are also sloped, and if yours is, then you know how important an appealing roof is to attracting potential customers or tenants. Professional roof cleaning helps make sure that your roof — and your property as a whole — stays looking good.


3. Warranty compliance. Roofing manufacturers count cleaning as part of the roof’s maintenance routine. Using improper cleaning methods or not cleaning it at all can be reason enough for the roofing warranties to get voided. Each type of commercial roofing system has its own manufacturer-prescribed cleaning process, and having your roof cleaned by professionals helps eliminate the risk of accidentally damaging the roof.


4. Energy savings. Dirt and debris can affect the savings you may derive from your energy-efficient roof, which relies on a reflective or light-colored surface to deflect solar heat. The less heat the roof absorbs, the lower the building’s cooling requirements will be. In addition to energy savings, tenants will be more comfortable, especially during the cooling season. Keeping the roof clean can help maximize the roof’s reflective qualities.


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