4 Questions to Ask During a Commercial Roofing Inspection

After finishing a roof inspection, a professional commercial roofing contractor should provide a detailed report about their findings. However, you can never know too much about your roof, which is why it’d be a good idea to ask your contractor these questions:

Commercial Roofing Inspection

1. Which Roofing Components Are You Concerned About?

Commercial roofing systems are notoriously leak-prone. Since they have low slopes, water tends to pond on the surface, increasing the risk of leaks. Not to mention compared to a sloped residential roof, commercial roofs are more exposed to damaging ultraviolet rays, which can be amplified by pooling water. Because of these factors, cracks on the surface and water seeping through loose flashing are fairly common commercial roofing issues. Of course, these aren’t the only issues commonly found on commercial roofing systems, which is why you should ask your roofer about potential areas for concern.

2. Are Your Roof’s Drains Large Enough to Divert Water Away?

To reduce the risk of leaks, the drains on your commercial roof should be kept free of leaves and other kinds of debris. However, even with a clog-free drain, water could still pond on the surface of your roof if the drainage system doesn’t have enough capacity.

3. Did They Document Roofing Damage?

If the contractor noticed signs of damage, ask for documentation. If the damage is covered by your insurance policy, you’ll need to submit documentation of the roofing damage before your insurer can process your claim.

4. How Long Until You Need to Replace Your Roof?

A contractor can give you an accurate estimate of your commercial roofing system’s remaining lifespan. Knowing your roof’s remaining estimated lifespan can help you prepare a budget for a commercial or residential roof replacement ahead of time.

Keep in mind that it’s easy to miss the subtle warning signs of early roofing damage, which is why you should only hire experienced contractors.

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