4 Reasons Roofing Systems Deteriorate

As your home’s first line of defense, roofing systems suffer from various kinds of damage every now and then. In fact, residential roof replacement experts say that it’s possible they may deteriorate earlier than expected. But why exactly?


Here are the four different reasons why roofing systems deteriorate to the point that they need to be replaced:

Roofing Systems


  1. Poor Attic Ventilation – Any roofer worth their salt will tell you that poor attic ventilation is one of the reasons why your roof can deteriorate earlier than expected. This is because with inadequate ventilation, the temperatures of your roof can reach up to an excess of 150 degrees, which in turn can bake your roof from the inside and cause it to deteriorate faster than it should. Apart from that, poor attic ventilation can allow condensation to rot your roof, compromising its structural integrity in the process.


  1. Thermal Shock – As your roof is constantly exposed to the elements, it can expand and contract every single day, leading to a phenomenon known as thermal shock. During the day, the heat stretches out your roof and at night, the roof cools down, causing it to contract. The thermal shock can cause the metal drains and flashing to pull away from your roof at the critical areas, allowing water infiltration and causing it to split in the process. This results in you requiring a roof repair or replacement earlier than expected.


  1. Excess Heat – Excess heat can accelerate the breakdown process of your roofing system as the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause the roof to break down by drying its oils. Once this happens, your roof becomes dry and brittle, eventually losing its waterproofing capabilities and leaving them vulnerable to water damage that can cause them to deteriorate.


  1. Maintenance Neglect – Finally, failing to properly maintain your roof is a surefire way to allow it to deteriorate earlier than expected. Therefore, be sure to enlist the services of an expert roofer every now and then to have your roof inspected and maintained.


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