4 Roof Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

A residential or commercial roofing system can be difficult to care for due to various reasons like size and slope, which might periocal roof cleaning. Unfortunately, the task has to be done. Otherwise, your roof could deteriorate much sooner than expected. If you’re planning on cleaning your roof, it’s also best to know what you should avoid to get the best results possible.

Here are the mistakes you need to steer clear of:

Roof Cleaning

1. Using Toxic Chemicals – Stains, sticky substances, moss and other pollutants can be removed from your roof with the right treatments. However, as much as possible, avoid using toxic chemicals when removing these substances from your roof as there’s a high chance that they can damage the roofing system instead of preserving it.

2. Using Shortcuts – When you’re cleaning your roof, roof repair experts strongly recommend that you avoid using shortcuts as you do. This is because quick treatments can make the problem worse instead of solving it. Instead, you should go deeper into the cleaning method to ensure that you’re doing things properly.

3. Using Non-Customized Equipment – If you’re buying equipment to clean your roof with, always buy equipment that’s made to clean your roof. For instance, if you have to power wash your roofing system, avoid settling for a run of the mill power washer as it can do more harm to your roof than good.

4. Being Too Aggressive With the Cleaning – Cleaning a roof is a task that combines proper cleaning methods and the right mechanical work. This means that you need to be gentle when cleaning while knowing which tools you should use at the same time. If you attempt to clean your roof in an aggressive manner, it will likely result in roofing damage instead.

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