4 Tips That Can Help Your Roofing Project Management Succeed

Whether you’re replacing your commercial roofing system or repairing your current residential roof, it’s best that you leave the task in the hands of professionals. However, while it’s your contractors who’ll do the hard work, as the homeowner, you are the roofing project’s manager by default. Unfortunately, some homeowners tend to find themselves at a loss on how to make their roofing project management a success.

Roofing Project Management

1. Know Your Project Scope – To make your roofing project management a success, make sure that you know the full extent of your project scope and communicate it properly to your contractor. That way, you’ll have a thorough plan that will help you properly understand your roofing project’s components while your roofer will be able to give you accurate pricing estimates.

2. Adhere to the Building Codes – Your state’s building codes will govern your roofing process. With that in mind, it’s recommended that you observe all local building codes and coordinate code requirements with the manufacturer installation guidelines. If there are any discrepancies between the two, make sure to work with your contractor to resolve it before your roofing project even starts.

3. Don’t Underestimate Technology – Thanks to the advent of technology, roof repair and replacement projects can go smoothly nowadays. This is because various kinds of technology such as drones can now help contractors get aerial roof measurements in a safer and faster manner. With that in mind, as a roofing project manager, avoid underestimating technology as much as possible as it is a valuable resource that can come in handy.

4. Plan According to the Weather – As much as possible, be informed on what the weather will be like on the day you intend to start your project. The reason why this is needed is because the weather can have a huge impact on your project timeline, meaning that disregarding it can lead to project delays or unsafe work conditions. By knowing what the weather will be, you can plan your roofing project accordingly.

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