4 Ways to Restore a Damaged Commercial Roof

While modern-day commercial roofing systems are designed for long-term performance, they may still develop problems during their lifetimes as a result of lack of maintenance and harsh weather conditions. When you need to restore the good condition of your commercial roof, there are four options you need to consider: repair, re-cover, replace or coat.


Damaged Commercial Roof


Sully-Jones Roofing, a reputable commercial and residential roof replacement contractor, discusses the benefits of each procedure.


  1. Repair — A roof with sufficient insulation and thermal efficiency is easy to repair. If the roof membrane is in excellent condition, you can opt for roof repair to address minor forms of damage, such as cracks at intermittent places. Ultimately, a roof repair service is a quick and cost-effective way to prolong the life of your commercial roof.

  2. Re-cover — When the roof is in good condition but the membrane is damaged, choose re-covering. An experienced roofer can put a brand-new membrane on top if the roof has only one existing membrane, thereby eliminating the need for a roof repair or replacement. Keep in mind, however, that you can only re-cover your roof once.

  3. Replace — When the commercial roof shows visible damage, such as broken shingles or persistent leaks, it can’t be fixed with one-time repairs or re-cover. Instead, you’ll need to opt for a complete tear-off. While typically expensive upfront, this option is least likely to cause problems and can help save more money on maintenance.

  4. Coat — You can coat your commercial roof to extend its life. Coating provides protection against leaks and improves the aesthetic appeal of your building. There are also reflective coatings you can use to increase your energy savings and protect the shingles from deterioration.


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