5 Reasons to Use a Drone for Roof Inspections

The fourth most dangerous job in America is a roofer, according to a 2018 USA Today poll. In response, roofing companies have revamped their systems and adapted technology to harness safer and more efficient roof inspections using drones.

Drone Roof Inspections

In this post, our residential roof replacement experts share five reasons why you should take advantage of drone roofing inspection.

1. Less Workforce Needed- By using drones to perform roof inspections, you will utilize fewer human resources on the ground or the roof and therefore put fewer people in danger of having a fall.

2. Avoid a Claim- Using drones to help reduce injuries among roofers would not only be safer but will save you money in insurance costs in case accidents may occur in the process of doing the manual inspection.

3. Accomplishes More- Drones perform more roof inspections in a day. All you need is a drone, one person to operate it, and you are good to go. Average drone roof inspections wouldn’t last an hour at most for residential or two hours for commercial roofing. Compared to manual roof inspection, with all the setting up of scaffolds, ladders and safety harnesses, you can accomplish a half-day task in just under an hour using drones.

4. Accuracy- Drones provide the most accurate measurements, and data pinpoint accuracy. Roof reports provide square footage, roof features, pitch surface area, leaks, slopes, etc. Provided with this accurate data, you can readily take necessary actions if there are roof repairs to be made, which in turn will mitigate your costs and not worsen the damage on your property.

5. Real-Time and Easily Accessible Reports- As most drones are plug-and-play devices, you will receive a summary of the inspection in a PDF or doc file which you can use readily right after the inspection. Some drone roofing inspection systems, especially those used at inspections for roof repair jobs, even offer real-time viewing by letting contractors, operators, and roof owners view on their devices the actual footage of the check—real-time and on point.

Being wise about the decision you make, especially in doing inspections on your roof, will go a long way. Aside from saving you a significant portion of your time and money, drones are helpful tools that would make things easier for you.

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