A Primer on Commercial Roofing Warranties

Your commercial roofing warranties serve a critical purpose in protecting your building from severe elements and keeping the interior safe and comfortable. Since it is also a significant investment, it is important to consider your roofing warranties as valuable assets. Below is a breakdown of different types of commercial roof warranties.

commercial roofing warranties

Types of Warranties

There are two main categories of commercial roof warranties —manufacturer warranties, which are warranties from manufacturers, and roofing contractor warranties, which are warranties from installers. Both of these warranty types should weigh into your decision-making process about what kind of materials to select and who will be installing them.

Manufacturer Warranties

  • Manufacturer’s NDL (No Dollar Limit) Warranty. This warranty states that the manufacturer will be responsible for covering its defective products or failure of its products. It is required that the products should be properly used during the duration of the warranty period.

  • Manufacturer’s Materials Warranty. This warranty guarantees that the products from the manufacturer will not fail within a certain stretch of time, like 10 or 30 years from the date of the installation.

  • Manufacturer’s Labor and Material Warranty. This limited type of warranty offers coverage for defects in materials and workmanship up to a certain dollar limit. According to roof repair experts, since it is often prorated, the coverage limit for fixing or replacing faulty components reduces over time.

  • Manufacturer’s Roof System Warranty. Commonly referred to as “membrane only”, this type of warranty only applies to the commercial roofing’s membrane. It does not provide coverage for insulation or decking issues and is the most basic type of warranty that manufacturers offer. It can have a “limited” or “no dollar limit”.

Roofing Contractor Warranties

The roofing contractor or installer warranty covers the workmanship. If the installation techniques used are substandard, your commercial roof can develop leaks even if it is built with top-quality roofing products. At best, most roofing labor warranties are valid for five years, but some are as short as one. Keep in mind, however, that the length of time a roofing installer will cover can also be an indication of how trustworthy their skills are.

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