A Primer on Title 24 Compliance

Homeowners planning a renovation, home addition or residential roof replacement in California will eventually come across Title 24 standards. The term refers to a collection of energy standards for new and altered residential homes and commercial buildings. These energy standards are updated every three years to take into account advances in technology.

Title 24 Compliance

Compliance with these energy-efficiency standards has been mandatory for state residents since 1978 and has saved more than $70 billion in electricity and natural gas costs since the standards were enforced.

What are these energy standards and how will Title 24 compliance affect your home?

What’s Covered Under Title 24

New construction projects and renovations (also known as alterations under Title 24), including roof replacements, are covered by Title 24. Keep in mind that there is a distinction between repairs and alterations. Alterations refer to any modifications done to the building. These include the installation of additional insulation layers or a new window. On the other hand, repairs, as the term suggests, refers to fixing something that was damaged, or routine maintenance in general.

Compliance With Title 24

The state is divided into 16 climate zones, each with its own set of requirements. For instance, some areas might require R-6 duct insulation while others require R-8 insulation. (The R-value gives you an idea of insulation’s ability to prevent heat transfer.) Given that each area has its own set of energy requirements, it’s best to hire local residential and commercial roofing contractors. They’re more familiar with local energy regulations and building codes—not to mention the climate—and can, therefore, make better recommendations.

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