Commercial Roofing Warranties – Basic Things to Know About

Whether you are planning a commercial or residential roof replacement project, commercial roofing warranties should be among the first things you should consider. Roofing is a major investment and one way you can protect it is through strong warranty coverage. This part of your building plays a vital role in the protection, safety and comfort of its occupants.

commercial roofing

Here are things every property owner should know about warranties on commercial roofs.

Basic Types of Warranties

Manufacturers and contractors should both provide warranties for your new roof. Make sure to review the terms of the warranties before choosing materials and who will install them. Warranties from manufacturers usually cover materials while ones from contractors cover labor. Moreover, you can count on a reputable commercial roofing company to help you choose the best products for your property.

Keep in Mind That Warranties Aren’t the Same as Insurance

It is a common mistake to assume that warranties will cover all roofing problems. Aside from comprehensive roofing warranties, it is essential to have an insurance policy covering roof damage. You can use your insurance for accidental damage, such as when something falls on the roof or when an extreme weather event hits your area.

What Can Void Your Roofing Warranties?

The terms of your warranty state what can invalidate your coverage. One of the most typical reasons property owners lose coverage is poor maintenance or neglect. Delaying repairs can also void your warranty, so be sure to address problems as soon as detected. Making unauthorized changes to the roof can also have an impact on your coverage. Commercial roofing warranties usually require regular maintenance and inspections to stay valid.

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