Home Roof Repair Contractor – Chula Vista, CA

Looking for a contractor to repair your roof in Chula Vista CA can be quite challenging and time consuming. Although there are contractors offering roof repair services in Chula Vista, few can match the extensive experience of Sully-Jones. With a business history spanning over seven decades we have established ourselves as experts in the field. Feel free to reach out to us at 619-444-0150 to gather information about the services we offer.

Common Types of Roof Repair Services

There are many different types of roof repair services offered by your local experts:

Shingle Replacement

Shingle replacement is one of the most common types of roof repair services that is required by millions of homeowners each year.

Leak Repair

A leak can not only lead to water intrusion but also pose significant issues to your roof and even the structural integrity of the building itself. If water reaches the foundation of your building, then you might have to spend some serious money on repairing the damage.

Flashing Repair

Flashing is usually found on areas around chimneys, pipes, walls, and other flat surfaces as its job is to direct water away. Flashing problems are usually caused by improper installation and flashing repair is among the most availed home roof repair services.

Draining Standing Water

Flat roofs are especially prone to standing water due to their low slopes and draining standing water is one of the main services provided by a home roof repair contractor. Standing water will eventually lead to roof leaks and other problems associated with the leaks.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters can easily get clogged with leaves, debris or small tree branches resulting in water intrusion. When it comes to home roof repair services, gutter cleaning is one of the tasks offered.

Benefits of Hiring a Home Roof Repair Contractor

There are advantages to hiring a home roof repair contractor. They bring expertise, skill, and years of experience to the table. Roofing work can be dangerous and not something you should attempt on your own. It’s always best to find an individual who can fix your issues properly and without putting yourself at risk.

A home roof repair contractor will carefully inspect the problem identifying any issues you may have missed. Once authorized by you they will proceed with the repairs to restore your damaged roof.

Why Sully-Jones

Sully-Jones has proudly served homeowners in Chula Vista, CA since 1952 and is considered the best home roof repair contractor in the area. Call us today at 619-444-0150 to book an appointment.

Residential Roof Repair Contractor – Chula Vista CA

Every roof is prone to damage from both weather conditions and the natural deterioration that occurs over time. If you suspect your home suffers from roof damage, calling an expert to assess and repair that damage is paramount to the safety of your home and family. Chula Vista, California residents have counted on the expertise of Sully Jones for decades. Call us today at 619-444-0150 to learn about our long-lasting residential roof repair services.

When Do You Need Residential Roof Repair?

Knowing when a repair service is justified is an important part of home ownership. We have provided some of the red flags of roof damage you should watch for.

Broken Shingles

Broken shingles along with missing or curled shingles are a clear sign that your roofing system is failing and needs to be repaired. Shingles can break due to several reasons such as extreme weather, debris falling on your roof, heavy hailstorm, snowfall, or rainfall, etc.


Leaks, especially when they are frequent, must never be ignored as if left unchecked they can lead to water intrusion and lead to further problems down the road. Leaks can become larger and more frequent if not repaired on time and may cause unimaginable damage to your roof, underlayment, or the structural integrity of your building.

Harsh Weather

Your roof may feel a bit unwell after facing the brunt of mother nature’s elements in the form of a harsh weather event. After such an event, you should arrange a roof inspection from a qualified residential roof repair contractor to assess the damage.

High Energy Bills

Any unexplained spike in energy bills may be a sign that your roof’s insulation is not working properly. In such a scenario, your HVAC system would have to work for longer and this usually results in high energy bills and reduced energy efficiency.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Roof Damage

Roof damage must never be underestimated, as if left unchecked, it can morph into much larger problems down the line. It can even threaten your roof or cause damage to the structural integrity of the building itself. If water, or mold gets inside your building due to roof damage and spreads in other areas, then you’d have to spend much more on dealing with the issues than what you’d have spent on repairing the minor roof damage initially.

Why Sully Jones is Your Best Choice for Residential Roof Repair

Sully Jones has served the homeowners in Chula Vista, CA for over 7 decades now. Our skilled and highly qualified roofers pride themselves on the exceptional customer service that’s been the hallmark of Sully Jones throughout our existence. We are always eager to help homeowners like you. Call us at 619-444-0150 to speak to one of our residential roof repair contractors.

About Shingle Roofing


Don’t try to fix your shingle roof yourself. Shingle issues can be difficult to accurately diagnose and fix correctly. Your roof deserves a roofing company that is knowledgeable in shingle roofing. Sully-Jones Roofing Company in La Mesa, CA, will give your shingle roof the attention that it deserves. Contact us today at (619) 444-0150!

Shingle Roofing Lifespan

A shingle roof can last between fifteen and thirty years. When you follow a maintenance program, your roof can last longer than normal. Without proper care, it can last up to fifteen years, but this is not typical. Adding a coating will assist in keeping your shingle roof in mint condition for longer. Keep in mind that shingle roofs need more maintenance than some other roofing types.

Shingle Types

There are six types of shingles:

Traditional wood shingles: Over the years, there have been improvements in the quality of wood used for shingles. In addition, new technology is used to pressure treat the wood, protecting it from the elements.


Slat, flagstone, and plastic shingles: These three types of shingles are not used at Sully-Jones Roofing Company.

Metal shingles: Metal shingles are a fantastic way to benefit from the strength and durability of metal while enjoying the classic look of shingles.

Composite shingles: This is the most common shingle type. When our clients imagine shingle roofs, they typically are thinking of composite shingles. Composite shingles are made of either fiber cement or asphalt, both of which have granules embedded in them. These granules can become loose if a shingled roof is not maintained properly.

A shingle roof will need repairs at some point, just like any other roof. Shingles have the tendency to break, become brittle, and they are vulnerable to damage from severe weather. This is why they typically need more maintenance. Over time, shingles will need restoration as well as replacement.

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With all of the shingle roofing services we provide, you can count on Sully-Jones Roofing Company for your needs. If your building is in La Mesa, CA, contact us today. We have the knowledge and the experience to care for your shingle roof. You will receive a free inspection and estimate with all of our services. Call us today to schedule an inspection at (619) 444-0150!

Commercial Roof Maintenance – Chula Vista, CA

Commercial roof maintenance is essential for any commercial roof due to several reasons, some of which will be discussed in this article. Sully Jones is among the leading providers of commercial roof maintenance services in Chula Vista, CA. You can contact us on 619-444-0150 to enquire more about our services.

Advantages of Commercial Roof Maintenance

There are numerous advantages of commercial roof maintenance with some of the major ones listed below:

Reduced leaks. Commercial roof maintenance ensures that minor leaks or punctures are not allowed to become larger ones. This reduces the frequency of leaks. Reduced leaks means that you will save a fortune on repairing recurring leaks.

No major damage. Identifying minor damage and making the necessary repairs is a key part of preventative maintenance. Unlike wine, damage never improves with time. Unchecked, roof damage will lead to leaks, increased damage, and more expensive repairs. Preventative maintenance is an investment in both the longevity and the performance of your roofing system.

No premature restoration or replacement. Less frequent leaks, and timely repair of damaged areas along with less water damage due to unclogged gutters will ensure that your roof lasts longer and there’s no need for a premature restoration or replacement. In other words, commercial roof maintenance will extend the lifespan of your current roof by several years or even decades compared to the time it’d last without roof maintenance.

Save money on insurance premiums. Insurers raise the premium that you pay for your roof if there are frequent repairs or major damage routinely. Commercial roof maintenance ensures that both these issues don’t bother you and this will lead to cost savings on insurance premium.

Fast processing of insurance claims. Insurers will ask for some proof that you’ve been taking care of your commercial roof before they process their claim. Commercial roof maintenance records also serve as proofs that you’ve been taking care of your commercial roof and have the paper work to prove it. This ensures that your insurance claims are processed faster and the insurer doesn’t disputes your claim by flagging the lack of supporting documentation.

Why Sully Jones

Sully Jones has been serving the businesses since 1952 and is among the oldest roofing companies in existence in the state of California. We are considered the premier choice for commercial roof maintenance services in Chula Vista, CA, by locals. Contact us on 619-444-0150 to learn more about our services.

Leak Repair – Escondido, CA

Do you require leak repair services for your commercial or residential building? These leaks can occur for many reasons; some are obvious, and others are not as easy to locate or get fixed. If you know what to look for, you will know when to call Sully-Jones Roofing. When you have a roof leak in Escondido, CA, call us at (619) 444-0150.

The Signs of a Leak in Your Roof


We can prevent and remedy any leak once you have notified us that there is a problem. Here are a few of the most common symptoms of a roof leak so you can notify us right away.

A brown ring on the ceiling is the biggest red flag there is when there is a water leak from your roof. It is more difficult to find these rings in darker areas, so having your roof inspected regularly will help to catch them before they can cause more damage. When you find a stain on your ceiling, give us a call and we will come over to locate and eradicate the source of the leak right away. If you ignore a leak long enough it can and will, eventually, cause severe damage like wood rot and mold growth.

There is a rubber boot that protects your pipes when they begin to break down. That is when you start getting water leaks. Its waterproof properties begin to degrade over time, allowing water to enter your property. Depending on how long this leak has been going on will determine if the repair is as simple as replacing the rubber boot or as complicated as having to remove structural damage, having a mold removal team come in and remove the mold, and replacing that entire section.


Calling in a professional to locate and address leaks as well as their damage is always advisable. We have been working on commercial and residential building roofs for many decades now and know what to look for to make certain the leak or leaks are prevented and addressed before they can cause even more damage.

Top-Notch Leak Repair Services

If you notice any damage, have our professional team come out to your location to do a thorough roof inspection. This will allow us to catch all the issues at one time keeping you from having to deal with multiple issues in a short amount of time. We at Sully-Jones Roofing manage roof leak repair jobs with honesty and speed to keep you away from having greater and more expensive issues. Give us a call right away if your residential or commercial building is in or around Escondido, CA. Contact us at (619) 444-0150.

Commercial Roof Repair – Chula Vista, CA

Commercial roofs can often experience damage due to factors like wear and tear or external incidents such as a tree falling on them, hailstorms, or heavy rainfall. If you find yourself in such a situation and require commercial roof repair services Sully Jones is the choice for all your needs, in Chula Vista, CA. You can reach out to us at 619 444 0150. Speak with one of our roofing experts.

Signs your roof needs commercial roof repair.


Punctures or holes in the roof can occur due to several reasons. If there are several punctures on your roof, then it’s time for the roof to be repaired.

Ponding Water

Ponding water is another visible sign that your roof needs commercial repair service. It can be caused due to clogged gutters, debris, or improper functioning of HVAC systems.

Open Seams

Open seams are a clear sign of aging and signal that your roofing system is failing. Open seams must never be ignored as they can lead to further issues down the road.

Moss or Fungal Growth

Moss can’t grow without moisture and if moss is growing on your roofing system, then it’s a clear sign of trouble. Moss will not only soak moisture but will also corrode your roofing system.

Broken Shingles

Broken, warped, curled, or cracked shingles mean that your roof needs commercial roof repairs urgently. Depending on the severity of this issue, a minor or major repair should be able to fix it. If the issue can’t be easily fixed, then the roofing contractor will either suggest a roof replacement, or restoration.


Frequent leaks are another sign of a failing roof and must never ever be ignored. If left unchecked, they will become larger and more frequent, putting everyone and everything under the roof at risk.

Why Sully Jones

Sully Jones has a stellar reputation in Chula Vista, California that has been built painstakingly through hard work and a keen eye for detail since our inception in 1952. Our roofers have cumulative experience of over 200 years among themselves and know the ins and outs of every imaginable roofing system. They’re always eager to help others and will be glad to assist you too. Contact us at 619-444-0150 to learn more about our commercial roof repair services.

Roofing – El Cajon, CA


A new roof is one of the most expensive and time-consuming tasks, whether that building is your home or your commercial building. For a lot of people, the decision-making process might be a daunting task. We are known for our production of high-quality and energy-efficient solutions with industry-leading roofing materials, expert installations, and customer service. If you own a building in El Cajon, CA, and would like more roofing information, then contact us at Sully-Jones Roofing at (619) 444-0150.

Our Complete Roofing Services

Protecting your property with a high-quality roofing system and an amazing maintenance program will prolong the lifespan of your roof by several years. If you are looking for a superior roofing contractor, then look no further than our team of experts. It is our goal to provide the best possible service and high-quality products to our customers, and we are fully licensed and bonded to do so.


A full tear-off and replacement are one of the most significant investments you will ever have to make for your building, and it must be done with the utmost care and deep attention to detail to ensure it has a long lifespan. A long-lasting roof can be guaranteed by working with a roofing company that has years of experience, as we do. When you collaborate with us, we will manage everything from the thorough roof inspection to the final clean-up, all while keeping you informed at every step.

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material on the market. We also work with metal roofs that are more expensive at first but are known for their longer lifespan and are more durable. as well as a few other roofing materials. This allows us to give you what you want for your roof and cover your roofing needs more thoroughly.

Some of our other services include but are not limited to repairs, restoration, roof and gutter cleaning, and maintenance. We cover all of your roofing needs in one convenient package. We manage all of this with rates that are reasonable but competitive.

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If you are based in El Cajon, CA, and need more information, then contact Sully-Jones Roofing at (619) 444-0150.

Condo Roof Maintenance – Chula Vista, CA

Roof maintenance is an often-overlooked service that can save you a lot of trouble if performed regularly and correctly by professionals. Sully Jones is the top choice of homeowners, and landlords for condo roof maintenance services in Chula Vista, CA. Call us at 619-444-0150 to learn more about our condo roof maintenance services.

Benefits of Condo Roof Maintenance

Some of the major benefits of condo roof maintenance are listed below.

Less Frequent Repairs

Condo roof maintenance will ensure that your roof doesn’t need costly repairs and the reduced frequency of repairs will save you a fortune that you’d have spent without condo roof maintenance.

No Damage Due to Pooled Water

Condo roof maintenance will also reduce the damage caused by pooled water. When the gutters on your roof become clogged with debris or leaves, water can accumulate on the roof’s surface. This pooled water often finds its way into your building and may even reach the foundation. Such occurrences can result in integrity issues for your building over time. To prevent this from happening roof maintenance is crucial. Our team of roofing specialists can identify blockages, leaks or damaged areas that may cause water to accumulate and seep inside.

Low Rate of Premature Roof Replacement

Roofs that are maintained by professionals have lower rates of premature roof replacements. A brand-new roof replacement will set you back thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars if your building is large, and you can easily avoid this expense by availing condo roof maintenance services offered by Sully Jones.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Roof maintenance will keep your roof appear shiny, and new despite being several years old. This will make your building aesthetically pleasing and will ensure a higher curb appeal and sale prices if you decide to sell it.

Why Sully Jones

Sully Jones has been serving the nation since 1952 and there are very few roofing companies that can claim to have a similar track record going back 7 decades. During our existence, we have worked with thousands of homeowners and businesses and have helped them fix their roofing issues. Our veteran roofers bring decades of experience to the table. Our roofers are passionate about roofing and enjoy helping others, thus, they will be glad to assist you with your roofing needs. If your building is in Chula Vista, CA, and you are looking for condo roof maintenance services, then contact us at 619-444-0150 to book an appointment.

HOA Roofing Essentials: Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

HOA Roofing Essentials: Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement1

At the heart of Chula Vista, CA, where HOAs govern many residential spaces, roofing upkeep forms a critical part of community management. This is where Sully Jones Roofing steps in, offering expert roofing services that are specifically tailored to meet the demands of HOAs. From regular maintenance to comprehensive roof overhauls, we are your reliable partner. Should your association require our expertise, please contact us at 715-716-6493.

Prioritizing Regular Roof Inspections

A cornerstone of sustaining a healthy roofing system within an HOA is the implementation of systematic roof inspections. These regular checks are pivotal for early detection of potential issues, enabling interventions before they escalate into larger, costlier problems.

Addressing Repairs Promptly

HOA Roofing Essentials: Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

Swift response to identified roofing issues is key to maintaining roof integrity. Even small repairs play a significant role in preserving the overall health of the roof and averting further damage. So, when you have professionals on your side, you should have nothing to worry about when it comes to these minor roofing issues.

Assessing Roof Replacement Needs

Determining the necessity for a roof replacement involves considering a range of factors such as the roof’s age, the severity of damage, and the cost-effectiveness of ongoing repairs versus replacement.

Selecting Quality Materials and Contractors

The effectiveness of roof maintenance, repair, or replacement largely depends on the quality of materials used and the expertise of the contractors. At Sully Jones Roofing, we ensure the use of high-quality materials and skilled professionals for all projects.

Clear Communication with Residents

Maintaining transparent communication with HOA members is essential, particularly during significant roofing projects. Informing residents about schedules and potential impacts helps manage expectations and reduce disruptions.

Budgeting for Roofing Projects

Effective financial planning is critical for HOA roof management so that you have one less thing to worry about. This includes budgeting for regular maintenance and setting aside funds for larger projects, ensuring financial readiness for roofing needs. Our team will also be at every step of the way to help you through this process as well.

Sully Jones Roofing in Chula Vista, CA, has a long-standing legacy and is dedicated to providing comprehensive roofing services tailored for HOAs. Our team is equipped to address the unique roofing challenges of HOAs, ensuring efficient and high-quality service no matter how big or small your roofing issue may be. For any roofing needs your HOA may have, contact us at 619-444-0150 – our team will work day and night to get you the best solution possible.

Roof Repair – Chula Vista, CA


If your home is in need of a roof repair or any other service, it won’t be a problem when you have the team of specialists at Sully Jones Roofing aiding you. We provide homeowners in Chula Vista, CA with a full list of low-cost and trustworthy residential roofing solutions and services, and our team is prepared to help you with your roof. Whether it is a difficult repair or a quick fix your roof needs, we will be sure it is resolved. Call us today at (619) 444-0150 for 24/7 emergency services. If your roof is in need of any assistance, you can always have confidence in our team.

Roof Repair and More


At Sully Jones Roofing, we are the top choice for all our customers‘ residential roofing demands. As a full-service roofing company, we do anything and everything that has to do with roofing. We know there are a lot of characteristics to your home’s roof, and if every single piece isn’t dealt with appropriately, it might lead to a declining roof a lot earlier than usual. At Sully Jones Roofing, it is our goal to provide every customer with a roof they can trust at any time of the year. With summer coming to a start, now would be a great time to have your roof inspected to be sure it can hold up throughout the spring and summer months. Contact our crew today and set up a roof inspection.

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If you are requiring a roof repair done to your home ahead of the severe weather that comes around, call Sully Jones Roofing for fast and dependable roof repairs. We bring high-quality roofing services to homeowners in Chula Vista, CA and we are looking forward to making sure your roof thrives. You can call us at any time at (619) 444-0150.