TPO Roofing – Alpine, CA

It is normal for a building to have a TPO covering on the roof. If this is on your Alpine, CA building, look to the skilled team at Sully Jones Roofing to handle this. We can help with roof installation, repairs, roof coatings, and more. All you need to do is call us at (619) 444-0150.

Roof Inspections

Discovering the proper team for a roofing assignment can make your life a whole lot easier. We will make the whole process go efficiently and effortlessly. Our work holds up for a long time, so you will gain a leak-free roof now and down the road all because of our crew’s incredible craftsmanship.

To make sure that your TPO roof is getting what it needs, you might want to arrange roof inspections regularly. The experts at Sully Jones Roofing will make sure your TPO roof gets what it needs, whether that’s a replacement, repair, or coating.

Inexpensive roofing solutions

Hiring the best doesn’t always mean elevated costs that you can’t pay for. At Sully Jones Roofing, we mix fantastic customer service and lower prices to benefit our customers in California. We will be able to provide you with a free quote for a job. Just contact us to schedule a roof inspection.

Restoring a TPO Roof

Sully Jones Roofing can restore a TPO roof with ease. Arranging regular roof inspections by our crew will greatly help the condition of your roof because our crew can spot when a roofing service is necessary. This will prevent issues from getting worse or sticking around. We will figure out a time for your roof to be restored and take it back to its old self.

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Do you have a TPO roof in Alpine, CA that needs some assistance? Go to the professionals at Sully Jones Roofing for the finest roofing services in town. For help from the best commercial roofing company, reach out to us today at (619) 444-0150. After you reach out to us, we will send our crew to your location as soon as we can.

Flat Roofing – Alpine, CA

Sully Jones Roofing continues to earn the trust of building owners and property managers in Alpine, CA. Our contractors are professionals in the commercial roofing world with many years of experience in solving problems with flat commercial roofs. To get a roof repair that will be timely and long-lasting, call our team today at (619) 444-0150.

Finding Flat Roof Issues

Flat roofs can have leaks pop up in various ways. There could be seam separation, a tear in the substrate, or ponding water. Whether it is EPDM, TPO, PVC, or any additional type of flat roof, the highly trained crew at Sully Jones Roofing can help out. We will begin with a roof inspection and thoroughly look for any leaks or try to figure out why your roof could be leaking and where that leak is located. Our expert roofing professionals, along with our high-quality roofing materials and our outstanding tools, will create a long-lasting commercial roof. With our crew working on your roof, your flat roof will get what it needs. We are a full-service roofing company that offers custom roofing solutions.

Roof Restoration

If your building has a flat roof on top of it, roof coatings will maintain the condition of your roof. This non-intrusive and cost-effective roofing service will restore your roof’s condition and stop leaks for several years. If your flat roof is demanding repair work, it may be time to consider getting your roof coated. The team at Sully Jones Roofing has a ton of experience with applying roof coatings.

Normal Roof Evaluations

Roof assessments are very crucial. Without roof assessments, the condition of your flat roof will begin to decrease quickly. However, with normal roof assessments from the highly skilled crew at Sully Jones Roofing, problems appearing on your flat roof will be found earlier when they are more manageable instead of sitting there for some time and causing more problems. We are a full-service roofing company that provides versatile and inexpensive commercial roofing solutions.

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At Sully Jones Roofing, our team is one of the most skilled teams in Alpine, CA. If you would like their help, give us a call at (619) 444-0150.

Commercial Roofing – Chula Vista, CA

There are various factors to take into consideration when choosing a good, reliable commercial roofing company. When it comes to making such a large investment, it is important to choose the best of the best.

Serving Chula Vista, CA, and the surrounding cities, Sully Jones Roofing understands how important it is to have high-quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Contact us today at (619) 444-0150 to learn more about why we are the greatest commercial roofing company in our area.

Insured and licensed

Sully Jones Roofing is a fully insured and licensed commercial roofing company. You should never, ever hire a contractor who is not insured and licensed. These will defend you in several ways.

  • Roofing contractors have to prove their understanding of roofing to have a license. A license guarantees they do actually know what they are doing and will do the necessary services effectively and up to code.
  • No matter how carefully we operate, the opportunity for something to go wrong is there. Should someone get hurt on the job, you can sleep easy knowing our insurance protects everyone involved, including you.
  • We can provide warranties and contracts. Unlike some unlicensed contractors, we at Roof Connection are looking to stay around for a long time. This is why we guarantee our work with long-term warranties and solid contracts.

A Reputation Built On Experience

All commercial roofing companies are built differently. When your commercial roof needs repairs, you should look for a company that has strong experience doing just what you need.

Sully Jones Roofing is a full-service commercial roofing company. This means we have the skills to do whatever you need. We specialize in commercial roof repairs, restorations, inspections, and maintenance. Whatever your commercial roofing needs are, we have the assets and skills to get the job done right.

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We at Sully Jones Roofing are incredibly proud of our amazing reputation as Chula Vista, CA’s best commercial roofing company. Our company is dedicated to delivering our clients an outstanding experience when it comes to transparent communication, high-quality workmanship, and attentive service. To learn more about how we can help, call us today at (619) 444-0150.

Shingle Roofing – Alpine, CA

In Alpine, CA, we have seen a ton of rain around this time of year that will destroy your home’s roof. Sully Jones Roofing is the team you can trust to help you every season, and we are fortunate to be the residential roofing contractor homeowners in Alpine, CA can trust. We are also happy to say that many times when you notice your roof is wearing or aging in a couple of areas, a shingle replacement or repair could be the instant fix instead of a full replacement. We are here to make sure you are conserving the most money possible, and we take pride in our capability to do that for every client we receive. Call Sully Jones Roofing today at (619) 444-0150.

Reliable Protection

At Sully Jones Roofing, we know our goal is to provide our clients and other homeowners with a trustworthy roof, and we are happy to offer some of the best shingles on the market. As long as your roof is installed and kept up by our team, even the worst weather won’t be able to get through it.

The shingles we use come with warranty options, and you can rest easy knowing our contractors are going to offer you nothing but the greatest workmanship that will ensure your roof will be successful each year. It remains our vow to our clients to give them honest, dependable roofing solutions at amazing prices, and we can’t wait till you see why we think of ourselves as the best residential roofing company in our area.

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If your home’s shingled roof is looking damaged during the spring and summer in Alpine, CA, Sully Jones Roofing is the crew of roofing experts you can trust to be sure your roof can protect you. As a full-service residential roofing company, we can give you any service for anything your roof requires. From shingle replacements or repairs to a completely new roof, the team at Sully Jones Roofing has you covered. If you think your home’s shingles need replacing or repairing, call the team at Sully Jones Roofing today at (619) 444-0150.

Leak Repair – Alpine, CA

Whether or not your commercial roof is installed perfectly, the challenging climate of California during a year can leave many punctures and tears across your roof’s surface, which ultimately turn into leaks. How promptly you respond to those punctures will determine how costly and long-term the repairs will be. If you are an industrial building owner in Alpine, CA, and have a roof leak problem at hand, worry not. You can rely on the trusted roofers, housed by Sully-Jones Roofing, for the application of durable solutions to your roof so that it continues providing the undisputed protection that you deserve. Ring us today at 619-4444-0150 for further details!

Detailed Inspection

Regardless of the nature or scale of a roofing task, our competent roofers always commence by carrying out a detailed, free-of-charge roof evaluation. This makes it possible for them to root out the regions of your roof that have fallen prey to leaks, which in turn, assists them in the more efficient conduction of their job. There is no matter what they find during the inspection or what they say about what they should do next, they give them to you for free.

Repairs, Restoration, or Replacement?

Depending on how developed the leaks on your commercial roof are, your roof will require either repair, coating, or even a full-fledged replacement. Given that you call on us promptly, the chances are that some inexpensive repairs to the troubled areas will get your roof back on track. Nevertheless, it is worth keeping in mind that, in such a case, opting for a roof coating is most likely your best bet. The roof coatings at our company have reasonable rates, and apart from sorting out the existing problems with your roof, they also prolong the lifetime of your roof.

On the other hand, if the condition of your roof is too far gone, a roof replacement will be the only viable option. It may be more expensive than the other options, but we can guarantee you that our skilled craftsmen will conduct only world-class service!

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As a commercial building owner in Alpine, CA, if you are looking to eliminate the irritating leaks on your commercial roof, call the trustworthy roofers of Sully-Jones Roofing at 619-444-0150 and acquire repairs that will last a lifetime!

Roofing – Alpine, CA

A little research may lead you to explore a different form of roofing than merely replacing your current material, because there are many different types of roofing materials to pick from. Looks, longevity, cost, and structural difficulties all need to be considered when selecting a roofing material. If you are a resident of Alpine, CA, and need more information, then contact Sully-Jones Roofing at 619-444-0150.

Roofing materials include:

Low-slope residential roofs, as well as outbuildings like shops, sheds, and other practical constructions, rely heavily on rolled roofing material. Long rolls of mineral and asphalt-impregnated material are topped with mineral granules in the form of rolled roofing. You can cover a sloped-roof building with these large-format strips of thin roofing material in a matter of minutes and at a low cost. Roofs with a low pitch, such as flat roofs, have long relied on built-up roofing (BUR). BUR systems are made up of multiple layers of roofing felt impregnated with asphalt that is heated and sprayed onto the roof decking. A coating of finely crushed stone embedded in hot tar is then put over the top of the felt to create a highly durable and impenetrable roofing material.

If you have a flat or very low-pitch roof, you may want to consider a membrane roof. EPDM is one of the most effective membranes. EPDM, or “rubber roofing,” is the common name for a synthetic roofing material made of EPDM rubber. When put in huge sheets, it is like rolled asphalt roofing since there are fewer places for water to enter the structure. For the most prevalent style of metal roof, the term “standing seam” refers to the elevated seams that interlock between the aluminum or steel roofing panels to keep water out. As a roofing material that is completely fireproof, metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular in locations where heavy snowfall or wildfires are a significant risk. Despite the fact that wood roofs are beautiful, they are also pricey and have a number of limitations. It’s a bad idea to plant them where there’s a lot of precipitation or when wildfires are a possibility. This still makes them desirable for high-end residences because of their appealing appearance.

Tile is made of earthy clay that has been shaped into rolling or interlocking shapes and then burned to make them rigid. If left unglazed, the hue will be a distinctive reddish-orange; if glazed and fired, it will take on the appearance of ceramic roofing tiles. In hot climates or where salt air is present, clay tile is a good roofing material. If you are a resident of Alpine, CA, and need more information, then contact Sully-Jones Roofing at 619-444-0150.

Roof repair – Alpine, CA

The risk of a roof collapsing rises if it is left out in the elements. Most of the roofs (for example, rubber roofs) are vulnerable to cracking from the sun and other forms of wear. You don’t have to replace your roof immediately if it is damaged. We’ve come up with another idea. If you are a resident of Alpine, CA, and need more information, then contact Sully-Jones Roofing at 619-444-0150.

Are you fed up with having to deal with the hassle of repairs?

Our restoration systems strengthen your roof’s seams with military-grade material. To address water penetration, the roof coating’s seamless membrane is used. When the temperature changes, the roof coatings we employ expand and contract with them. The application of a roof coating is less expensive and more convenient than replacing your roof.


The lifespan of a new roof coating is a common issue for property owners. Our roof coatings have been around for a long time and are backed by non-prorated warranties from the company that makes them.

Is There a Reason to Hire Us?

We’re a nationwide network of commercial roofers with years of experience and specialized training. Elite standards, superior workmanship, long-lasting and efficient roof services, and a relentless pursuit of perfection and client satisfaction are the hallmarks of our company. Our crew of roofing contractors has the tools and expertise to install, restore, and repair any type of roof, regardless of its size. If you are a resident of Alpine, CA, and need more information, then contact Sully-Jones Roofing at 619-444-0150.

Roof Cleaning-Alpine, CA

Regardless of the type of roof your commercial building has, debris can gather on its surface with time, and if not taken care of promptly, a plethora of problems, such as stains and retained moisture, can emerge. Therefore, you must make sure that your commercial roof is being provided with regular cleaning services. If your commercial building is based in Alpine, CA, and you are looking for a high-quality commercial roof cleaning service, your best bet is Sully-Jones Roofing. We are home to only seasoned and dedicated roofers, who are fully aware of what they need to do for your interests. So, reach out to us today at 619-444-0150 and schedule your commercial roof cleaning project with us!

Thorough Roof Evaluations

With our roofing specialists keeping track of your commercial roof’s progress at all times, they will be aware of the precise time to conduct its cleaning. That is just one reason why our roof inspection is not only thorough but also low-cost. So, if you are doubtful about when you should have your roof cleaned, just reach out to us and hire us for regular roof inspections.

Exceptional customer support

At Sully-Jones Roofing, we serve our valued customers to the best of our abilities. Irrespective of the nature and magnitude of the roofing project you hand over to us, we work hard to keep it as error-free as possible, and for that, we work around your schedule and figure out the answer that is in your best interests!

Exceptional customer support is one of the main characteristics of our brand and it is what we are all about!

Fair Prices

Throughout our detailed voyage through the roofing industry of California, we have concluded that the expenses of a roofing project have a key role to play in the decision-making process for commercial building owners who are looking for proper upkeep of their roofs. That is why all our services come at affordable rates!

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Does your commercial roof in Alpine, CA, need some cleaning? If so, or even if you are doubtful, just reach out to Sully-Jones Roofing at 619-444-0150 and we will take care of the rest!

Roof maintenance – Alpine Ca

Your roof’s long-term health depends on regular roof care. You should still have an annual check of your roof, even if it has been professionally installed. An annual maintenance check identifies potential issues, prolongs the life of your roof, and provides you with a sense of security. Sully-Jones can be reached at 619-444-0150 for reliable assistance in Alpine, CA.

Why is roof maintenance important?

Preventative actions are the most significant factor in roof upkeep. If a minor problem is left unaddressed, it can quickly grow into a serious one in just a few years or even six months. Maintenance on your roof by a professional can detect any problems before they become a problem and keep animals from entering your attic, or at least make it difficult for them to do so. To get the most out of your roof, all you need to do is do regular maintenance. Depending on the materials, you should expect to get at least two years out of your new asphalt roof when it’s installed. You’re more likely to get that and even more if you keep up with routine maintenance. An evaluation of your roof’s condition and how much longer it has to serve you will be provided based on how frequently you have it done. Your roof requires frequent inspections. Maintenance is essential if you want to extend the life of your roof.

Investing in a new roof can bring a sense of security to you and your family. Routine roof care is going to give you exactly that, just like professionally-installed roofing is going to do. Your roof will either be found to require repair or it will be given the all-clear. It’s better than the problem with your roof wasn’t allowed to worsen because it was detected early. Your roof’s problems will be resolved after your maintenance inspection is completed. You’ll be relieved. With that in mind, the next time there is a major storm, rest easy. It is impossible to stress the significance of regular roof care. It’s a great way to get the most out of the money you’ve spent on your roof. It will cost you money to have your roof serviced. It’s understandable if you don’t want to risk ruining your investment by not paying a little more. Homeowners in Alpine, CA may thank Sully-Jones for providing them with a beautiful, long-lasting roof that they can be happy with. We don’t try to scare you into buying a roof from us using aggressive sales tactics. We’re here to provide information and assistance in any way we can. Sully-Jones can be reached at 619-444-0150 for reliable assistance in Alpine, CA.

Commercial Roofing – Alpine, CA

The majority of the time, when we meet with prospective clients, they are weighing the pros and cons of various roofing systems. “What are the most common forms of commercial roofing?” is a common question. Which is the superior option? Which is less expensive? We’ll go over a few different kinds of commercial roofing in this article. Helping in choosing the perfect roof for your structure and your budget is something we’ve been doing for years for our customers. If you are a resident of Alpine, CA, and need more information, then contact Sully Jones Roofing at 619-444-0150.

Commercial Roof Types:

An environmentally acceptable roofing solution for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing establishments is Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF). When sprayed as a liquid, Spray Polyurethane Foam, or SPF, creates a solid layer across an existing roof by expanding into foam. SPF provides the highest R-value per inch by delivering thermal, air, and moisture barriers. Cracks and splits are less likely when the foam expands and contracts with the structure. An uninterrupted solid surface means that the most vulnerable area to leaks is removed.

Commercial, industrial, and manufacturing buildings have relied on single-ply membranes for decades. Commercial facilities can benefit from the use of Single-Ply Membranes, which are sheets of rubber and synthetics that can be ballasted, mechanically affixed, or chemically glued to insulation. As a client, you have a broader range of choices.

Among commercial roofing systems, metal roofing is among the oldest and most well-known. Corrugated galvanized steel is the material of choice for most metal roofing systems, but other options like aluminum or tin are also available. Because of its lightweight, metal roofing can be put directly over an existing roof. While most people associate shingle roofing with houses and other residential structures, it is just as common to find shingles on steeply sloped commercial structures. A variety of materials can be used to make shingles, including wood and slate, as well as metal, plastic, ceramic, and asphalt. Asphalt and architectural shingles are the two most common types of shingles. When it comes to shingles, asphalt shingles are the most widely utilized and cost-effective option. On average, these roof systems have guarantees of 15 to 30 years. Architectural shingles are thicker and more durable because of their several layers. A “lifetime” warranty is often included in the purchase price.

This type of roofing has been around for almost a century. “Tar and Gravel” roofs are the most popular term for this type of roof. A built-up system is one in which the roof is covered with multiple layers of asphalt or tar, each with different supporting fabric. If you like, you can select the number of layers (or plies) that will be installed. A built-up roofing system is completed with a layer of stone or gravel. If you are a resident of Alpine, CA, and need more information, then contact Sully Jones Roofing at 619-444-0150.