Coatings Can Lower a Roof’s Environmental Impact

Whenever a building is constructed, it automatically impacts the environment. In the past, nobody cared about this, but now that our understanding is more complex, and with governments pushing for better environmental care to combat the effects of climate change, more people are conscious about how their commercial buildings and homes affect nature. The use of sustainable materials and coatings is becoming increasingly important in this context.

applying a reflective roof coatings

There are many ways to reduce a building’s carbon footprint, but one of the biggest changes that can lead to a lower environmental impact has to do with the roof. Green roofs and other materials designed to be more environmentally friendly are gaining popularity.

One way to reduce the environmental impact of your commercial roofing system is by adding a roof coating. Here’s how it provides that benefit.

Coatings Prolong the Life of the Roof 

Even if your roof is getting old, if your contractor determines that a roof coating can still help, they can make your old roof decently maintainable. Coatings can even restore a leaky roof as long as the insulation isn’t too affected and the affected areas can still be patched up. A reflective coating can also slow the roof’s aging process by protecting it from UV light and heat.

Reduces Construction Waste

A residential roof replacement can make a home more energy-efficient and also lead to other significant benefits. However, the homeowner will have to save or borrow a considerable amount of money to pay for the project, which will also lead to plenty of construction waste. A portion of the waste might be recyclable, but the rest will end up in a landfill. The same is true when you replace a commercial roofing system, which is likely to be even bigger than a home’s roof.

While you may have to face the prospect of replacing your roof at some point, applying a roof coating can delay that by years. During that time, your property won’t be contributing much to construction waste.

Lowers Energy Use

A reflective roof coating can make your building more energy-efficient. Your HVAC system doesn’t have to run overtime just to combat your roof’s added temperature. This makes the building more comfortable, as well. Even unoccupied rooms that are not air-conditioned will have decreased temperatures.

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