Commercial Roofing Red Flags to Watch Out For

Commercial roofing systems play a huge role in dictating the prices and marketability of real estate properties. They’re never cheap, and replacing or repairing them takes time. Whenever a commercial building’s roof has to be extensively repaired or replaced, significant changes happen to the operations inside the building. In many cases, the company has to absorb some losses while the project is ongoing.

Commercial Roofing Red Flags

If you’re in the market for a commercial building, it makes sense to hire a professional to perform an extensive inspection of the roofing system. There are some red flags you should watch out for if you don’t want to find yourself buying a building only to inherit its expensive roofing problems.

Here are some of those red flags:

Rooftop Pools

If the building has a rooftop pool, as is common for multi-family and hotel properties, alarms in your head should put you on high alert. Unless the pool was properly constructed and religiously maintained, it might be a bad deal.

Rooftop pools in poor condition are known for leaking water into the rest of the building. Unmaintained pools, especially those built with mediocre materials, don’t stand a chance against building movement. Buildings are constantly moving, albeit imperceptibly. Over time, a pool is likely to develop cracks.

If you already own a building with a rooftop pool, make sure to have it inspected and maintained at least twice a year, more if it’s frequently used or if it’s located in an area known for frequent soil movements.

Phenolic Foam Insulation

Thousands of buildings constructed in the 80s and early 90s have phenolic foam insulation boards, which become highly acidic if exposed to water (from leaks or condensation). They are also friable, which means they easily crumble. The acidity of this insulation can lead to corrosion in the metal decking, presenting stability and safety issues.

Work with a qualified roof repair specialist to replace the insulation, roof decking, and corroded material.

Heavy Wear

Without regular maintenance, a roof will exhibit heavy wear and tear. If you find that the roof is extremely old and worn, that should be a red flag. It means you should try looking for a property to buy elsewhere.

If you already own the building, however, talk to a qualified professional about correcting the issue. If the roof is old but properly maintained, perhaps adding a coating can extend its life span. But if there are already some structural problems or heavy leaking, it’s best to sign up for a replacement.

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