Common Commercial Roofing Issues You Need to Look out For

When it comes to proper commercial roofing maintenance, it can be quite stressful to find certain damage that isn’t easily visible. You may have a water leak but you can’t immediately figure out where it’s coming from. There are also a few non-roofing matters to consider, such as the climate of your commercial property, its building code, budget and energy requirements. If you’re not sure whether you need to replace your commercial roof, here’s what you need to look for.

Commercial Roofing

Check for Low Spots and Material Warping


Low spots can be more evident especially since these are the usual places where the water pools. Have these addressed immediately, otherwise, it can collect into big puddles which won’t evaporate immediately after rain. The pooling can worsen the affected areas until the water penetrates and damages your roof’s inner structure.


Material distortion can happen due to a commercial roof’s age and shoddy workmanship during the roof installation process. This includes bubbling, which is when moisture builds up under chemically adhered single-ply roofing or BUR. If you have a flat commercial roof and see some areas not looking as flat as they should, consider calling a trusted contractor to do the necessary commercial roof repair.


Check the Water Infiltration


When inspecting your roof for any sign of accumulated moisture, consider its water leakage history and the repairs that were done to resolve it. If you notice frequent water infiltration even though the roof membrane surface appears to be in good condition, the damage may come from trapped moisture underneath the surface.


Brownish Stains on Walls and Ceilings


While damaged plumbing can also cause water stains to appear, if you still notice new and growing water spots on ceiling tiles on the top floors of your commercial, then you likely have an active roof leak. If this seems unbelievable because your roof is newer, keep in mind that leaks aren’t just caused by old roofing material breaking down, such as storm damage.


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