Debunking Common Roof Maintenance Myths

Myths about roof maintenance aren’t as harmless as they might seem. After all, sloppy or incorrect maintenance can end up damaging your roof.

Sully-Jones Roofing, your trusted roof repair and maintenance company, debunks some of the most common misconceptions about roof maintenance below:

Roof Maintenance Myths

Your Roof’s Fine as Long as It Doesn’t Have Any Leaks

It takes time for certain signs of moisture damage to appear. As such, even if your roof doesn’t have any leaks or other visible signs of damage yet, it may have already suffered extensive damage. By the time these warning signs appear, it’s already too late to mitigate damage.

The Importance of Routine Roof Inspections

To make sure potential roofing issues are fixed before they affect other parts of your building or home, your roof should undergo routine inspections and maintenance. As a rule, your commercial roof should be inspected at least twice a year, ideally in spring and fall, and after a storm or extreme weather event. Remember: No matter how durable your roof is, it’s likely to have suffered some form of damage during the storm.

Roofs Under Warranty Don’t Need Maintenance

Infrequent maintenance can void your roof’s warranty. That’s because standard warranties only cover material defects or installation errors, not damage that stems from any negligence on the homeowner’s part.

What About Modern Roofing Systems?

Modern commercial roofing systems have fewer maintenance needs than conventional roofing systems. However, low-maintenance doesn’t mean no-maintenance.

DIY Maintenance Projects Can Save You Money

It’s best to leave roofing maintenance and home improvement projects to the professionals. That’s because DIY projects almost always cost building owners more in the long run.

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