DIY Commercial Roofing: Reasons Not to Do It

In general, commercial roofing repairs are best left to the professionals. However, fueled by the desire to save or simply raring for a challenge, some property owners are interested in taking on commercial roofing installations. This is a bad idea. Why shouldn’t you take the DIY route with commercial roofing?


commercial roofing


Commercial Roofs Have Different Requirements


Even when you’re confident with your skills around the house, a residential roof replacement is on a dramatically smaller scale than a commercial roofing project, meaning what you may know will pale in comparison to what you actually need to do. Think about it–commercial roofs are not only several times larger than residential ones, but they also use different materials, which require different installation methods. These call for training and experience to be properly carried out, which not everyone will have. A commercial roofing project is simply too big of an investment to leave in inexperienced hands.


Time Is Money


Given the scale of a commercial roofing project, you can expect them to take some time to be completed. However, when entrusted to a non-professional, the roof repair or installation process can take even longer, prompting you to keep your commercial property closed for longer. This means zero revenue for you while you’re still spending, and prolonging that is just bad for business. Professional roofers act fast but calculated, getting your commercial roof up in no time to keep delays to your business to a minimum.


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