Does Shingle Color Matter?

When planning for a residential roof replacement, you have to consider many things like the type of material and the color you want. You have to consider durability, price and aesthetics of the roofing material. For most homeowners, they choose the color of the roof shingles based on aesthetics–whether it will complement the existing elements of their home and the impact on curb appeal. However, choosing the right roof shingle color may also play a role in your home’s internal temperature. In this post, we’ll share how.

Shingle Color

Dark-Colored Shingles

Dark-colored shingles tend to absorb more heat during the day than light-colored ones. In the evening though, dark-colored shingles release the trapped heat faster than light-colored shingles. Because of this, dark-colored shingles are generally better used in areas with colder climates with long winters and short summers. On the other hand, since light-colored shingles reflect heat better and do not absorb as much heat, they are better used in warmer areas like California.

What Else Should You Consider?

This is not to say that this factor should be the sole basis for choosing the color of your roof, but it would be good to consider. Remember that proper attic ventilation and insulation are the main things that help regulate your home’s temperature.

The role of the roof shingle color is secondary so it should not deter you from choosing the color you really prefer. Just ensure that you only work with experienced roof repair specialists who know the importance of proper attic ventilation and insulation.

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