Drone Inspections

Traditional roof inspections are quite risky – from collapsing roofs and insect bites to falling off ladders. This can happen due to malfunction, incorrect mounting or assembly. However, new technologies that rely on unmanned aerial vehicles or drones have greatly made the inspections easier, safer, faster, and less expensive.

Drones minimize or completely eliminate most risks such as falls, collapsing roofs under the inspector’s feet, and broken tiles. In addition, sending a drone to perform inspections before climbing a 3-story ladder will also help to identify the defects.

The following are benefits of using drones for roof inspections:

Provides safe roof inspections.  The drone roof inspection eliminates most of the risks associated with conventional roof inspection methods. The design of homes and commercial buildings are fraught with risk due to their complexity, height, materials, and surrounding infrastructure components.

Collecting the data without putting the lives of the workers at risk is one of the major benefits of using drones to inspect a wide range of properties.

Ability to collect in-depth data.  Drones can access almost any part of the building, and collect more useful information using its high-quality image, video, and thermal cameras. Even though there is still a requirement for human expertise, a drone-based building inspection is faster, more efficient, and accurate.

Using current building inspection technology, we are able to obtain increased detail about the structure.  Drones sometimes access small or difficult to reach spaces that a human inspector would have difficulty navigating by more traditional methods.

New technologies help you to get the job done faster.  With new technology, such as drones, it requires only a short time to carry out an inspection once a client makes the request. It performs the examination within a fraction of the time it would take using the conventional methods.

Drones can reduce insurance costs.  Due to the risks associated with traditional roof inspections, the workers and sometimes the equipment and structure are insured against accidents and damages.  When you consider that most projects entail the use of many workers, as you can imagine insurance costs can be extremely high.  This reduces revenue. 

The use of drones reduces costs associated with insuring both workers and equipment, as there are fewer, if any risks involved.  This allows for lower costs passed on to you, the consumer.

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