Expert Shingle Roofing Services

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If you are looking to hire shingle roofing experts for your next project in Oceanside, CA, you can always depend on the seasoned specialists at Sully-Jones Roofing Company. We will ensure that you and your building are fully protected. To get started, call us today at 619-444-0150!

Roof Leak Detection

Our team has undergone training to locate leaks that other contractors might miss. For example, water could be leaking through your ceiling in one part of the building, but the actual source of the leak could be in another location. Building owners in the region can count on us for high-quality roof leak detection services.

Maintaining your shingle roof is vital. After all, your roof is important to protect you against severe weather. The elements can cause a variety of problems, including cracks in your roof and torn shingles. However, our team has the experience and skills to fix these issues quickly.


Shingle Roofing

Depending on your situation, a replacement may be the best option. Though we always prioritize repairs to solve the problem, there are times when a replacement is necessary. If you need a replacement, our team of shingle roof experts can install your new roof with precision. We will thoroughly analyze the condition of your roof and let you know if a shingle roof replacement is the right choice for you. Our team will then provide an estimate for the project so you can make an informed decision.

Fast Response Times

We always offer fast response times, ensuring that you receive the solutions you need as soon as possible. This will allow your roof to receive the repairs it needs in a timely manner, preventing further damage to your structure.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We are a first-rate and cost-effective roofing company that looks out for our clients. Our affordable services will ensure your roof remains in the best condition possible! We always work hard to find the right solution for each of our clients, ensuring that you receive the best results possible.

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Sully-Jones Roofing Company is the leading option for building owners in Oceanside, CA. Our technicians are experts in completing shingle roofing projects. We will help you assess the situation and find the best solution possible. To learn more, or to schedule your inspection, call us today at 619-444-0150! We look forward to partnering with you.