Care and Maintenance – Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

Having to pay for a roof repair or replacement can be stressful, especially if it’s unexpected. This can happen due to sustaining damage from extreme weather events, but premature roofing failing can also happen with poor maintenance and care.


If you want to avoid being forced for costly roofing repairs anytime soon, then it’s important to pay more attention to your roof. Sully Jones Roofing shares below what you need to do:

Know Your Roofing Materials

Stocking up on spare repair materials shouldn’t happen after spotting water leaking through your roof. You’ll need to prepare better and in advance. That includes making sure to know what material your roof is made of and what’s used to fix it. TPO and PVC membranes, for example, can be especially tricky to repair since they look the same but aren’t compatible with each other.

It’s always important to be prepared in case temporary repairs are needed. That means knowing which types of repair products are safe to use on your roof is also essential to keep in mind, so be sure to consult with your trusted contractor so they’ll help you out.

Schedule Your Roof Inspections Regularly

As part of regular maintenance, you’ll need to inspect your roof for damage once or twice a year and repair any minor problems that were spotted. Such inspections should be conducted, along with general cleaning, and ideally during spring and fall. This is especially important during the fall season because of the fallen leaves that may otherwise clog troughs and drains and create ponding water.

Having an inspection by a professional commercial roofing contractor also gives you a better idea of your roof’s condition and lets you spot any potential areas you need to address before the next season.

Hire a Reliable Contractor for Your Inspection

Whether you had your roof recently replaced or it’s over a decade old, having a trustworthy contractor to take care of your roof is important in keeping it in its best condition. They’ll provide regular upkeep and maintenance programs and they’ll survey your roof on an annual basis to scan and clear any damaging debris.

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