Factors That Affect How Well An Asphalt Roof Ages

Asphalt shingles remain the most widely used roof covering in North America, and for a good reason — they offer high performance for a lower cost. However, like other roofing materials, there will come a time when asphalt your asphalt roof will deteriorate and require roof repair or replacement. The rate at which shingles weather can depend on a number of factors:

Asphalt Roof Ages

  • Quality of the shingles. As expected, low-quality asphalt shingles will deteriorate faster than high-quality shingles. Quality can vary among manufacturers, so make sure to compare them before choosing the product to install on your roof.

  • Slope of the roof. Normally, low-slope or flat roofers have shorter lifespans than roofing systems with steeper slopes because they shed moisture more slowly and are directly exposed to solar radiation.

  • Climate of the local area. Another factor that affects how well an asphalt shingle roof ages is the local climate. Regions that frequently see harsh weather conditions can experience shorter roof lifespans. Wind, moisture and thermal cycling all contribute to the decay of residential or commercial roofing materials.

  • Ventilation in the attic. If the attic has poor or insufficient ventilation, it can cut down the life expectancy of the roofing structure. Poor ventilation fails to keep asphalt shingles cool, which ultimately leads to accelerated loss of volatiles and significant amounts of thermal cycling.

  • Color of the roof. Generally, dark-colored roofs absorb more heat than light-colored ones. Asphalt shingles in white, beige or light gray reflect more light and stay cooler in sunlight. 

  • Quality of maintenance. Performing regular repair and maintenance on your asphalt shingles can extend their service life. If you fail to address problems such as leaks or rot, it should come as no surprise that the roof will fail long before its life expectancy.

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