How Does Moisture Affect Your Home?

One of the main roles of a roof covering is to keep excess moisture out of the house. Too much moisture inside the living space can lead to a number of cosmetic and structural problems, and worse, increase the risk of health complications among the residents. A residential and commercial roofing expert in the area talks about how moisture damages a roof below.

Moisture Affect Your Home

Material Damage

Moisture can affect many different kinds of materials commonly found in homes. For example, in a granular material like drywall, water seeps into the spaces between the particles, reducing the strength and integrity of the material. If your drywall is sagging, it likely means that it has become saturated with water. On the other hand, cellulose-based materials like wood can begin to rot when moisture levels reach around 20 percent. Corrosion of metal fasteners is another moisture-related problem to look out for.

Comfort Levels

Too much moisture can certainly decrease the comfort of your home. If moisture from a roof leak causes your indoor air to become humid during the warmer months, your comfort level will not only be compromised but your cooling costs will also skyrocket. Do not hesitate to contact a residential roof replacement contractor to check up on your roof and attend to the cause of moisture intrusion.

Health Risks

Health is also a primary concern. Mold fungi reproduce by releasing mold spores into the indoor environment, causing health issues if they are inhaled. People with asthma, allergies, or weak immune systems can be easily affected and develop serious infections. When you see patches of mold in your attic, do not hesitate to call your local mold remediation expert to address the issue.

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