How to Verify Your Roofer’s References

After you’ve crafted a shortlist of roofing contractors, it’s time to check your roofer’s references. All reliable contractors should be able to provide references that catalog their clients, friends, and family. However, you need to dig deeper than a few phone calls if you want to gain insight into their true character. 

Roofer's References

Sully-Jones Roofing, a trusted residential and commercial roofing company in California, shares tips for checking your contractor’s references before hiring them for a job.

  • Ask the contractor for three references from the past five years. While it’s guaranteed that the initial list will only contain satisfied customers, the information will be extremely helpful. Were they satisfied with the work? Did their project run over budget? Was the roofing team professional and courteous at all times?

  • Request three references from long-time material suppliers. The potential roofer’s financial solvency should be factored in. Ask questions that will provide clues to how the commercial or residential roof replacement contractor conducts their business behind the scenes. Simple questions to ask are “Do they pay their bills on time?” and “How long have you sold them materials?”

  • Check the contractor’s license and insurance. Confirming the license and insurance of a roofer may seem like a formality, but don’t let out-of-date documents slide. Hiring a properly licensed and sufficiently insured contractor can protect you in the event of a dispute. Good contractors have nothing to hide, so you should be able to confirm these with little or no pushback.

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