How to Select a Timeless Roof Color

When it comes to the design of a single-family or multi-unit residential property, the color of the roof plays a significant role in enhancing its architectural style and curb appeal. To keep their homes looking clean, fresh and elegant for years to come, most homeowners want to select a timeless roof color. So, how do you pick a color that is considered lasting or classic? A roof repair expert discusses below.

Timeless Roof Color

Common Classic Colors

A classic or timeless design can be defined as an interior or exterior design that will never go out of style — the direct opposite of up-to-the-minute trends. Selecting a classic color for your roof means that the appearance of your home or building will not look old-fashioned once a specific trend has come and gone. Black and white are common examples of classic roofs. If you want to bring other solid, more playful shades to your property, shades such as navy, forest green almond and heather gray have also stood the test of time.

History of Roof Colors

Not many people realize that bright-colored roofs were historically common. Colorful roofs with touches of reds, greens and even golds were implemented in a range of home styles in the past. Real wood shakes were widely used in rural locations, driving the popularity of natural cedar color for residential roof replacement over the years.

In these times, while a large percentage of people like roofing tiles to be in black and gray, some want to express themselves with an exciting blend of hues on their roofs. For example, picking a green blend of roofing tiles to complement both cool and warm tones found throughout the rest of the house. For a Mediterranean-style home, a clay or terracotta shade can boost the appeal of the exterior.

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