If Roofing Contractors Say These Things, They’re Probably Lying

Commercial and residential roof replacement, repair and installation projects are perhaps one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make on your home. Completing these types of jobs requires a lot of time, effort and money. It only makes sense, therefore, to choose reliable roofing contractors who will help you every step of the way.

Roofing Contractor

Unfortunately, the roofing industry can also be home to a few unscrupulous contractors who might not provide you with the best service. Our experts at Sully-Jones Roofing suggest you keep an eye (and an ear) out for the following lies commonly told by roofing scammers.

“We Only Have In-House Roofers”

If your roof repair or installation job takes about 20 people to finish on time, you can’t expect a six-man crew to do it. So the next time a small roofing company tells you that all their roofers are in-house and promises you a certain headcount for your project, don’t be afraid to ask more questions. The best way to avoid this is to vet your roofers to see just how many contractors they actually have.

“We Can Offer You Cheaper Roofing Services”

Cheaper roofs are a myth as both materials and labor typically follow standard prices. That’s why you’ll rarely see competing bids from reputable companies to be worlds apart from each other. If a roofer offers you a temptingly low quote, take it as a red flag and steer clear.

“We Have to Remove Your Old Roof Completely”

This is a little bit tricky because there are cases when a roofer will have to completely tear off your old residential or commercial roofing system. Check your local building codes and guidelines for the proper procedure on roofing installations to see if your particular project requires it.

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