Low-Slope Roofing Maintenance: What Are Its Do’s and Don’ts?

A low-slope roof can give homes a more modern look and increase their curb appeal. Because of its flatter surface, it would be easier to install solar panels and rainwater sheds faster from them. As with sloped residential and commercial roofing systems, routine roofing maintenance can extend its lifespan.

Low-Slope Roofing Maintenance

Read on to learn the do’s and don’ts of low-slope roofing maintenance.


Get Regular Roof Inspections

It’s a good idea to get a roof inspection for your low-sloped roof every time the season changes. With regular inspections, your roofer will be able to detect issues before they turn into costly repairs. Expect them to look for signs of problems, such as blistering, rusting, tearing, holes, ponding and weak spots on flashing. Also, get a roof repair as soon as your contractor detects any issue. Keep in mind that not addressing problems will only make them worse.

Keep Your Roof Clean

Debris like fallen leaves, branches and seeds can fall on your roof, retain moisture, and potentially cause damage. They can also end up in your gutters and clog them. Be sure to have your roof cleaned routinely as well to ensure good drainage.


Forgetting to Clean Gutters

Gutters are essential in keeping your roof and the rest of your home protected against water damage. A clogged gutter system will cause water to back up to the roof. Standing water can cause early roof deterioration and other issues, such as mold and pests. You can avoid these problems by regularly cleaning gutters or investing in a quality gutter protection system.

Not Trimming Trees Around Your Property

Keeping trees around your property trimmed can help minimize debris on the roof and gutters. Branches touching the roof can scratch and compromise its surface. Meanwhile, larger ones can cause severe damage to the roof, especially when they fall off during a storm.

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