Medical Buildings

Whether you are the owner or a property manager of a hospital or other type of medical building, the condition of your roof is critical to both your tenants and the patients they treat.  From addressing any failures, like leak development, in a timely fashion to scheduling inspections or maintenance during off hours, having a professional thoughtful commercial roofing contractor on your side is imperative.

Sully-Jones prides itself on more than just great roofing.  We work hard to ensure the concerns of our clients are appropriately addressed.  We know that angry tenants are not what you need in your life, so we schedule our services around their hours as much as possible.

Obviously, some facilities like hospitals or urgent care buildings may be 24-hour facilities.  As such, we work diligently to create as little impact on the patients needs as possible.  From scheduling around sleeping times to taking additional in-building steps to mitigate debris, Sully-Jones wants you to know we take your tenants’ concerns as seriously as you do.

Proactive is Step One

Part of a good roofing plan for your health-related building is to proactively have the roofing system inspected and maintained on a regular basis.  We strongly encourage you to consider our Protection Plus Plan, which not only offers these scheduled assessments but also increases your warranty on provided labor services, up to 5 years.  That is peace of mind.

A regular inspection and maintenance program does more than just keep your roof in prime condition, however.  It is also an integral part of maintaining your roofing warranty already in effect.  If you read your existing warranty, no doubt you will find a clause that notes “regular inspection” and “ongoing maintenance” in some form.

Another key aspect of having a scheduled maintenance program is that it provides a baseline and proof of appropriate care in the event of an insurance claim.  No doubt, you are aware that an insurance claim can be reduced or even totally rejected should your carrier show contributory negligence on your part.  The reports we provide you as part of your Protection Plus Plan are your proof that no such negligence exists.

Tenant Improvements

Sully-Jones knows that building owners face a variety of issues when leasing to tenants. One of the most difficult are tenant improvements.

When dealing with different types of tenant improvements that affect rooftops, it is reassuring to know that you have a proficient roofing vendor who has a plan to help assist with some of these frustrating situations.

Sully-Jones wants to help. The most common tenant improvements we encounter are adding a new grease fan, HVAC unit, or a new heater vent. When the contractor performing the installation doesn’t know how to flash the item into the roof properly, problems can develop instantly or become a problem well after the tenant moves out.

With our Tenant Improvement Program all you need to do is inform the tenants that all roof penetrations must be sealed by Sully-Jones Roofing. A simple phone call to let us know that your tenants are planning to work on the roof will get the ball rolling.  Damages to interior spaces can become costly…especially if the owner was not made aware of the tenant improvement until the next rains begin to cause leaks, and damages are incurred.

For information on other ways Sully-Jones is here to support you, please call us at 619-444-0150 or 800-611-3110 and schedule a no-obligation consultation today.