Office Buildings

Almost like a hybrid of multi-tenant properties (think apartments or condos) and retail space, office buildings hold special challenges to the owners and/or property managers.  Like multi-tenant properties, a significant focus must exist on the health and well-being of the many people within the building.  However, like retail spaces those offices can hold significant levels of equipment, with very high price tags.

Of equal concern to those in charge of running an office building successfully, any roofing issue must be handled with appropriate timing to avoid disruption to those crucial tenants’ businesses.  Angry tenants are NOT the goal for the owner, property management team, or Sully-Jones.

Office Building Services Offered

As a full-service roofing contractor, Sully-Jones offers a full array of roofing services for your office building needs.  These services include:

  • Roof Repairs, including leak detection
  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Cleaning, including drains and gutters
  • Roof Inspection
  • Preventative Roof Maintenance Program
  • Emergency Roof Assistance

Our highly skilled craftsmen specialize in roofing systems that include single-ply membranes, coatings, spray foam polyurethane (SPF) and shingles.  This selection encompasses almost all of the office building roofing systems commonly found in Southern California.

Our high standards lead us to prefer only the best manufacturers like Owens-Corning, Carlisle, FiberTite and GAF.  Not only have their systems stood the test of time, they offer industry-leading warranties on their products.  Those warranties help provide you peace of mind now and in the future.

Why Sully-Jones?

Knowing the contractor you select to work with your invaluable office building is of prime concern.  Let us give you some reasons you should consider Sully-Jones for your next project.

Experience.  We offer 70 years of roofing experience right here in San Diego County.  Compare that to our competition and you’ll see that we’re head and shoulders above the crowd.

Integrity.  Integrity is more than just keeping your word.  It is an attitude that everything you do is done correctly and with the utmost regard for the client and their needs.

Professionalism.  From the top down, professionalism in our services, our demeanor and our interaction with you and your tenants is an absolute company requirement.

Quality.  Quality materials from only the most reputable manufacturers are combined with the highest-levels of workmanship on each and every roofing project, from a minor repair to a full roof replacement.

Local.  We may not be the biggest roofing contractor in the country.  That’s alright with us, we prefer to be the best in Southern California.  We know the codes, weather challenges and idiosyncrasies native to our region.

For more information why Sully-Jones is the best partner to work with for your office building roofing needs, please contact our friendly staff at 619-444-0150 or 800-611-3110 to schedule your free consultation.