Our Roof Maintenance Programs

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Your roof is there to protect your home, family and business. What is protecting your roof? If you have a roof maintenance program from Sully-Jones, then we are!

Any roofing company that is worth their salt has a maintenance program. Our roof maintenance program allows you to customize it to meet your needs perfectly. There are several ways a maintenance program will help. At Sully–Jones Roofing, we can help you set up the best roof maintenance program to meet your roofing needs. If your commercial or residential building is in the area surrounding La Mesa, CA, then we can help you today. Call us 619-444-0150.

Customize to Your Liking

There is only one part of our maintenance program that is required and that is the two inspections a year. This keeps us informed on how your roof is holding up through the year.

Your roof maintenance program can be adjusted at any time, that way you are not stuck with things that you do not need and not getting the things your roof does need. We will go through all our different options with you and be there if you have any questions about them.

How Is It Helpful

Roof Maintenance

A roof maintenance program is set up for a few reasons. One of these reasons is to keep your roof in a proper state so that it will last for decades. By identifying and correcting small deficiencies as they occur, we can significantly reduce the potential of a severe problem developing. This reduces the risk your roof will need premature replacement.

Another reason is due to insurance. An insurance company will not accept a claim if there is no proof that your roof has been maintained. They will state that it is in disrepair due to a lack of being well maintained. Our maintenance program allows us to make certain that the work we have done is cared for properly.

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We have been in this business since 1952 and have learned a lot through the years. Allow our years of experience to be a comfort to you. We will guide you through all that our roof maintenance program has to offer. Sully-Jones Roofing wants to make a long-term partnership with you. Is your building in La Mesa, CA or the surrounding area? Are you looking for professional roof maintenance support? Contact us today 619-444-0150.