Professional Roof Repair Services

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Every property owner needs to care for their building’s roof. No matter what roof type is on your building, you need to schedule regular maintenance and repairs to ensure it lasts as long as possible. If you’re looking for roof repair services in Lemon Grove, CA, look no further than the team at Sully-Jones Roofing Company. Call us today at 619-444-0150 to learn more!

When to Schedule Repairs

There are numerous signs that could mean your roof needs repairs:

Cracked or Curled Shingles

If your shingles are cracked or curled, this is normally a sign of roof damage. The first thing you should do is schedule an inspection with a trusted contractor. They will most likely replace any damaged shingles.

Blistering Paint

Blistering paint or stains on your walls and ceilings are signs of water damage. Make sure to call your contractor immediately if you notice these issues.

Mold Development

Roof Repair

Water that pools on your roof can lead to a wide range of problems, including mold development. If you notice mold in your building, contact a professional immediately!

Cracks and Tears

Cracks and tears naturally occur in roofs over time, especially in harsh weather conditions. These cracks can grow over time, so make sure you address the situation before it worsens.

Repair Process

The repair process varies based on the issue at hand. For example, your contractor may fill in cracks, determine the cause of your water damage, or replace any broken shingles. When you call us, we will work closely with you to decide on the best course of action.

Similarly, the time it takes to complete the repairs will depend on the severity of the issue. Nevertheless, it is crucial to schedule repairs as soon as you notice a problem. This prevents the issue from worsening and can help you avoid more expensive repairs in the future.

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If you are a property owner looking for roof repair services in Lemon Grove, CA, Sully-Jones Roofing Company should be your first choice. We have been in the industry since 1952, so you can count on our experience to provide the solutions you need. Call us today at 619-444-0150 to get started!