Protection Plus Program

Our unique proactive maintenance warranty plan includes:

  1. (5) five additional years added to workmanship warranty issued by Sully-Jones Roofing.
  2. Annual roof and gutter cleaning of leaves, tree debris, trash, or anything that may injure the roof or restrict water flow. This is scheduled and managed by Sully-Jones.
  3. Proactive roof maintenance on any roof membrane items that may need a touch-up.
  4. Annual roof inspections include an electronic report of any items found that need attention and are not directly related to the roofing membrane including (if applicable):
    • Cracked or broken skylight lens or frames
    • Roof penetrations not authorized by Sully-Jones
    • Damaged or missing rain gutters, collector boxes or downspouts
    • Sheet metal joints on air conditioner ducts not sealed
    • Oil/grease overspills from exhaust hood fans.
    • Missing vent caps
    • Damage caused by cable, satellite, solar, cell site, plumbing, HVAC contractors, tenants, maintenance personnel, Installers, repairmen, etc.
    • Excessive storm damage since the last inspection
    • Plugged roof drain lines
    • Damaged or unsafe roof access hatches or ladders
    • Protection Plus Warranty Plan is transferrable upon sale of property

*Up to 3% per year may be added to cover increased labor costs throughout the warranty period.

Did You Know?

One of the main reasons manufacturers void their warranty is due to lack of maintenance. Routine inspections and maintenance are part of owning a building. Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and painting are just a few of the things that need to be inspected and maintained regularly. Delaying maintenance on these items shouldn’t happen because owners want to make sure they are performing correctly and address any potential issues before they turn into big problems.  Your roof is no different; it too also requires periodic inspections to ensure it stays in optimum health.  Throughout the year, your rooftop will endure more abuse from elements than any other part of your building’s exterior or interior. Proactive inspections are crucial in extending the life of the roof and in the long run, saving you time and money.