Questions to Ask Your Prospective Roofer References

Hiring a reliable roofer for your roofing project is important. Start your search by listing contractors that you like within your budget. You have to check their references and legitimacy to help you choose which contractor is the best fit for your roof. In this post, trusted commercial roofing contractor Sully Jones Roofing shares important questions to ask your prospective roofer’s references.

Prospective Roofer's References

It’s best to check your prospective roofer’s workmanship and service. Fortunately, roofing contractors usually have their past clients listed as references. Here are some questions you should ask your prospective roofing contractor’s references:

Are They Licensed and Insured?

You should first check for their legitimacy. Your roofing contractor should be licensed and insured. You should only hire a roofer with valid documentation. Be sure to check for expired or tampered documents. You may also take a look at their general liability policy. These documents will protect you and your home in the event of an altercation. A reliable contractor would be more than willing in providing you these proper documents.

Are Their Recent Clients Satisfied?

To check your potential roofer’s quality of work and service, you may ask their recent clients. You may ask for their last few clients for reference. Ask them if they’re happy with your prospective contractor’s work. It’s a good sign if they are satisfied with their workmanship. The references’ reviews will give you an idea if they can properly handle your roof repair or replacement project.

Do They Have a Good Relationship With Their Suppliers?

The relationship between your potential roofing contractor and their suppliers is important. You may ask for their long-time material suppliers as references. Is their track record with their suppliers good? Ask about your prospective roofer’s financial solvency. Paying for their purchases on time is always a good sign. This shows that they are responsible and reliable professionals.

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