Retail Buildings

Both new or existing strip malls, office buildings, shopping centers, large malls, mixed-use facilities, restaurants, and superstores offer unique challenges for retail property owners. A damaged roof has the potential to cause your tenants inventory loss and risks health and physical danger to their customers and employees.

Additionally, different business types cause differing levels of wear and tear to the roofing materials.  For example, restaurant exhaust or dry cleaning chemicals are very damaging to many roofing systems.  This is why you always want to use a commercial roofing company with expertise in exactly this sort of roofing.  The knowledge gained by our 70 years of experience guarantees you the right solution for your unique situation.

Retail Services Offered

We know that your retail clients cannot afford to have their business disrupted for building repairs. Sully Jones Roofing has the capabilities and experience to work during “open” hours by limiting noise and distractions so you can keep your tenants and their customers happy and safe.

With a long history of partnering with the retail industry, we can offer you the following retail services:

  • Roof Repairs, including leak detection
  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Cleaning, including drains and gutters
  • Roof Inspection
  • Preventative Roof Maintenance program
  • Emergency Roof Assistance

Whatever your retail building roof needs Sully-Jones is here, ready to provide it in a professional fashion.

Roofing Systems

No two retail buildings or complexes are the same.  Each houses unique tenants with differing business needs.  That’s why every solution Sully-Jones offers to your roofing problems is customized to the specific needs of your building.

We primarily work with the following systems:

Single-ply Membranes.  You may have heard this called TPO, PVC, EPDM, or something comparable.  Regardless of the chemical composition, each is a rubberized material designed to roll across the existing roof system.  It attaches either mechanically (with anchors), chemically (with adhesives) or, much less frequently, ballasted (with gravel).

FiberTite.  This material works much like the membrane options.  However, it is composed of a stronger material, making it more durable and puncture proof.   The manufacturer actually weaves their own proprietary fabric right into the membrane.  This fabric offers increased flexibility, with improved UV and chemical resistance.

Coatings.  Coatings are either sprayed or rolled over your existing roofing structure.  Drying into a solid, seamless waterproof layer, coatings encompass the entire structure without concern about developing leaks at loosening seams.  Highly reflective, coatings are an excellent choice if reducing utility costs is a primary concern.

Shingles.  Though less common in retail buildings than the other options, Sully-Jones is fully qualified to work with your retail shingle roof system.  Due to our preference for high quality materials, our preferred shingle manufacturer is Owens Corning, due to their extreme strength, durability and warranties.

When you need the best commercial roofing contractor for your retail building, be sure to call Sully-Jones, 619-444-0150 or 800-611-3110.  Our friendly staff will schedule a no-obligation consultation for you.  In the meantime, please feel free to take a look at a few of our Retail projects in the Gallery or check out our Google Reviews.