Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Who cares if the roof is dirty?  No one sees it, right?  WRONG!  A dirty, debris covered roof is actually hazardous to both the roofing system and the building it is designed to protect.

Roofing systems are most effective when they are free of excessive dirt, debris, contaminants, and other things you simply can’t see if you aren’t up there. 

Additionally, gutters absolutely MUST be free of debris in order to work effectively.  These unsung heroes of your roofing system work tirelessly to remove excess water from the roof and direct it away from the foundation, where it can cause irreparable damage.

Keeping those elements clean and shiny with an annual roof and gutter cleaning is simply good sense.

Couple It With An Inspection!

While Sully-Jones is already on your roof cleaning and removing debris, have us conduct a thorough inspection of all the other components.

For the cost of one emergency roof repair, you can:

  • Prevent costly roof repairs for leaks caused by clogged drains and rain gutters
  • Prevent damage to interior ceilings, walls, carpet, and equipment.
  • Prevent personal property damage and loss.
  • Keep your tenants happy.

Sully-Jones Roofing offers an inexpensive, time-saving alternative! It includes:

  • Removing leaves & debris from roof drains, scuppers, and rain gutters.
  • Inspecting roof condition, penetrations, and vents (includes photos of any defects found)
  • Inspecting HVAC, mechanical ductwork, and skylights.

If any items are found that require attention, we notify you and provide pictures of the defects (our drones let us inspect even the toughest roofs). We provide an estimate to fix the problems quickly or a referral to an appropriate repair source.

Want The Whole Package

We offer our annual cleaning and inspection services as a free part of our Protection Plus Plan.  For a pittance, you receive not only annual cleaning and inspection services, but preventative maintenance, an additional 5-year workmanship warranty on qualifying services and a range of other goodies.

One of the main reasons manufacturers void their warranty is due to lack of maintenance. Routine inspections and maintenance are part of owning a building. Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and painting are just a few of the things that need to be inspected and maintained regularly. Delaying maintenance on these items shouldn’t happen.  Preventative maintenance is one of the primary ways to maximize your roofing ROI.

We offer an affordable, effortless way to prevent damage to your roof! Call us at 619-444-0150 or 800-611-3110 to learn more about our roof and gutter cleaning services, or the Protection Plus Plan.