Roof Cleaning – La Mesa, CA

Roof Cleaning 1Do you need a roof cleaning? Are you uncertain about how to find and contract a company to handle this task for you? Let Sully-Jones Roofing handle this project for you. We want you to have one less thing to deal with. Our professional team can help you clean your roof! Contact us at (619) 444-0150.

Our Roof Cleaning Service

There are a few different ways to clean a roof. While we are on your roof, we will pick up any trash that the wind has blown onto it. After that, we will either sweep your roof or use a vacuum to retrieve dirt and small debris. This will depend on your roof.

If it is TPO, shingles, or any roofing type that has granules in it, then we will use a vacuum. This is to avoid damaging your roof. If your roof is made of metal or any other smooth material, we will use a broom. We then gather all the debris and place it in a dump truck to be hauled away. This way, we leave your building and its surroundings clean.

Roof Cleaning 2Our craftsmen want to assist you in any way they can. Cleaning your roof is one way for us to do so. We do every job to the best of our ability. The size of the project doesn’t matter; we clean residential roofs as well as commercial roofs. We also have other services available should you need them. We are a one-stop shop for commercial and residential buildings!

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Not all heroes wear capes. Some come with cleaning supplies in hand ready to clean your roof. Sully-Jones Roofing wants to keep debris from piling up and weighing down on your roof. Let us remove it before it causes damage. If your building is in La Mesa, CA, and needs a roof cleaning, call our crew to get it cleaned properly. Do not wait until it causes problems. Call us today at (619) 444-0150.