Roof Maintenance – El Cajon, California

Roof Maintenance El Cajon California1

Everything around us needs proper maintenance to function to the best of its abilities. The roof on a commercial or residential property works in the same way. It will lose its protection abilities if not properly maintained, and replacing it will be far more expensive. Sign up with Sully Jones Roofing’s Roof Maintenance program to forget about such worries. We have extended this program to El Cajon, California, and to sign up for it, all you need to do is call us at 619-444-0150. You can read the text below for more information on our roof maintenance program and what it entails.

Our Roof Maintenance Program

A scheduled maintenance program with Sully Jones Roofing entails regular checkups that will ensure that you have fewer repairs to make on your roofs, fewer major problems, and will establish a baseline for future insurance claims. A roof’s life without maintenance can be shortened greatly by regular damage and general degradation. However, a roof with proper regular maintenance can extend its life by up to 30%. This means that roofs can live for more than 20 years!

Roof Maintenance El Cajon California2

Some key features of our maintenance programs are described below:

  1. An additional 5-year warranty period has been added to a complete roofing system by Sully Jones Roofing.
  2. Roof leak protection during the warranty period
  3. Roof cleaning is done once a year.
  4. Annual roof membrane checkups
  5. reports after roof inspections if anything major has been found.

All of these features are included in a well-rounded roof maintenance project by our team. The advantages of this program outweigh the cost of the program or the disadvantages associated with getting a complete roof replacement. You must avoid getting a complete replacement at all costs. Protecting your roof and keeping tabs on its health via the maintenance program is one way to avoid getting your roof replaced time and again.

Have Questions?

If you need more information or have any questions regarding this program, then you can ring us up at 619-444-0150. The Sully Jones Roofing “Roof Maintenance” service is open to all clients in El Cajon, California. Protect your roof as soon as possible; otherwise, even minor damage from a storm or bad weather can be fatal in the long run.