Roofing Scams Homeowners Need to Look Out For

Roofing scams come in all forms and shapes. When you’re having a residential roof replacement project done for your home, it’s never recommended that you attempt to DIY the job. After all, if you’re inexperienced, it can lead to costly mistakes and injuries to your person. As such, you should always hire a professional when it comes to servicing your roof. Unfortunately, however, when hiring a roofer, you need to always be on guard as not every roofing company has your best interests in mind. In fact, some will even go so far as to scam you in order to make a quick buck.

Here are the most common roofing scams that every homeowner needs to look out for:


Roofing Scams


Large Down payments

If your contractor asks for a large down payment, part ways with their company immediately as this is a sign that they’re trying to scam you. If you give them what they want, it’s possible that they’ll run off with your money or they’ll perform mediocre work on your roof, causing it to deteriorate earlier than it should. Remember; when it comes to down payments, it shouldn’t exceed 20% of the projected total bill and as such, if they ask for a down payment that’s 50% or higher, take it as a red flag that you shouldn’t work with them at all.

Storm Chasers

Did a strong storm just pass by your place? If so, be wary of roofers who randomly knock on your roof and insist that you need to have a roof repair or replacement project done for your home. This is because these so-called roofers are storm chasers, people who follow bad weather events and offer to fix your roof at huge discounts. While this may not seem like a bad thing, the work done by storm chasers is usually poor and will cause your roof to break down early.

Low Starting Bids

Admittedly, low starting bids aren’t always gateways to roofing scams; in fact, some roofing companies who are new to the business sometimes do this in order to build up their clientele and get a head start. However, if an experienced contractor offers you a low starting bid, be sure to remain on guard as once the work begins, the prices could creep up due to so-called “unforeseen issues” and inflated material costs, forcing you to pay big in the end.

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