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Maintain Your Roof & Extend Its Overall Lifespan

While the average roof is designed to last for at least 20 years, most never reach this expected lifespan. Despite the fact that Poway weather is relatively mild, water can still pool on commercial roofs, or blocked gutters can cause water to back up onto a home’s roof. The sun can also have a drying effect on sealants, which if left unchecked, can cause leaks.

A qualified roofing contractor like Sully-Jones can put together a maintenance plan for you that will reduce costs, extend the life of your roof, lower energy bills, and find and repair minor problems before they become worse. We can also correct cosmetic issues which will help beautify your home or business.

Our Roof Maintenance Services

Sully-Jones knows that not every roof is the same. That’s why it’s important to create a customized plan that matches your home or business requirements. The Sully-Jones Roof Maintenance Programs can include all or any of the following services:

  • Cleaning up leaves and debris that have accumulated in gutters or downspouts, or on the roof.
  • Adding roof coatings to reduce energy loss and increase the beauty and lifespan of your system.
  • Providing preventive maintenance to locate and fix issues that could get worse over time or during the next storm.
  • Removing pooling water from flat roofing systems.
  • Re-sloping.
  • Resealing joints.Let’s talk about your needs during our initial free inspection. We’ll create a plan that perfectly matches your budget and unique situation.

Talk to Us About Your Needs

Get the maintenance that your roof needs to ensure that it lasts its full lifespan. Sully-Jones is the roofing contractor that you can trust to ensure that your commercial or residential roofing system is clean and protected from the elements. Schedule a free estimate by calling us at (619) 444-0150 or (800) 611-3110, or you can fill out our online form.

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